3 Vaping Facts That Everyone Needs To Know

Whether you pick up vapes out of curiosity or nicotine addiction, there are some things you need to be aware of. Vaping has found its way into the routine lives of many youngsters and teens, making itself a part of the trend. Being able to chase clouds and do tricks with smoke is indeed cool, but should it really be a part of your life?

Many people are under the idea that vaping can only be as harmful as 2-3 cups of strong coffee per day. What they are not aware of is that things are not as simple. The nicotine content through vaping directly harms your lungs much worse than anyone would like to think. 

In this article, We’ll go through some facts that need the spotlight before you decide to pick up vaping. Continue reading for a better understanding. 

Vaping is Less Harmful But Still Risky

If you have resorted to dropping your smoking habit by various means, you are not alone. Almost 60% of smokers want to stop this harmful activity but feel helpless due to the dependency. In this stance, many people are tempted to switch to e-cigarettes, But is it worth it?

This question pops into the mind of every smoker who wishes to switch, but unfortunately, the answer is not very promising. You might be tempted to turn towards vaping so as to ease your heart. But the truth is that you will still be at risk of deteriorating your health. 

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Although vapes have lesser nicotine content as compared to traditional cigarettes, they can still lead to lung cancers. 

The good news is that e-cigarettes provide so much ease due to a large variety. You can buy bulk Vaping Products UK that have a very low content of nicotine to minimize the damage. 

Menace to Heart and Lungs

The human body is complex, and one thing can lead to another fast. It is a common belief that vape smoke will only affect the lungs and not any other body part. Is it truly the case?

Unfortunately no. Lungs are the primary part of the human body that throws CO2 out of the body and keeps your blood nice and oxygenated. Vaping leads to damaged lung walls and prevents it from performing its function properly. 

As the lungs are unable to purify the blood, your heart comes in contact with toxicities. High amounts of nicotine in vapes also stimulate your brain to increase blood pressure and spike adrenaline levels to abnormal levels. 

Although studies have suggested that vaping alone can’t cause heart attack risks without any underlying condition, it can still lead to increased heart rate and other disorders. 

Influences Your Mental Health

Many teens and young adults don’t realize that vaping can harm their mental health. Nicotine is a mental stimulant and can help you to deal with stress, depression and other mental disturbances for a while. But it all comes crashing down with more force, and you feel the urge to vape again. Using vapes for coping purposes can potentially worsen your mental health. 

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The more your mind depends upon the external stimulant, i.e., nicotine, the more you are deemed to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop this habit. 

Contrary to common belief, the nicotine content in some vapes is much higher than in traditional cigarettes. Researchers have concluded that vaping addiction has been associated with mood disorders, anxiety, impulsivity and even suicidality. 

Just as Addictive as Combustible Cigarettes

Vaping is usually thought of as being less addictive. However, the addictive index of e-cigarettes is just as much as the combustible ones. Since the nicotine amount in vapes can be adjusted according to your liking, it serves as the worst part if abused. Users can buy extra strength cartridges that have as much amount as a whole cigarette pack. 


To sum it all up, vapes are not the most ideal method to quit smoking. Before getting into vapes, several factors need to be considered, as we have mentioned earlier. You can always reroute to safer alternatives, like nicotine-flavored chewing gums or rehab, since taking care of your health is your responsibility.