6 Ways To Make Your Billboard Ad Effective

6 Ways To Make Your Billboard Ad Effective

If you are looking to put your billboard advertising to the test, you’re in the right place. We’ll be taking a look at the six ways to make it more effective. It’s important to make it work to your advantage.

That’s why you want to follow these six ways on the list so you know exactly what to do every time you put a campaign together. As your business grows, you may also have enough money to create multiple billboards. It can all be focused on one goal or idea.

If you’re looking for a good way to make your billboard work, pay close attention to the list below. Now, let’s dive right in.

Make it simple

It’s important to make your billboard ad effective by keeping it simple. Simplicity will keep it well organized and ready to understand. The last thing you want to do is make it complicated and drive off potential leads.

The goal here is to make sure it’s readable from a distance. It should also be organized in design as well. If you put the two together, you know for sure that you have a billboard that will work just fine.

As we go through the next items on the list, you’ll easily understand how to get it done.

Large text is the way to go

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it would be a good idea to go with large text. For the sake of legibility, it may be a good idea to make it large so it’s noticeable from a distance. It’s always a good idea to consider how big is enough.

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Remember that you’ll want to stick to your message or idea while you’re doing it. At the same time, err on the side of brevity and keep it short. The shorter and punchier it is, the better it can perform.

As far as text goes, the next question is “what kind of font should you go for”? We’ll answer that right now.

Go for bold, non-serif fonts

If you choose bold and non-serif fonts, it will make it a lot easier to read from 500 feet. Don’t go for the fonts that are serif fonts or any of the italic or fancy, decorative ones. It’s always a good idea to use non-serif (or san-serif) regardless if you are using capitalized or lowercase letters.

This applies to not only regular billboards, but also digital billboards as well. For an added bonus, consider the idea of adding a stroke that is dark and thin so that it pops out from the colorful background.

One message, one idea

This mantra should be drilled in your head for as long as you live. If you are creating a billboard, you want to make sure it shares one message or idea. Again, keep it simple.

Also, you’ll want to make clear what your goal is. That way you’ll make the message a lot easier and more effective. It shouldn’t be all over the place.

Before you even consider putting together a mockup design, answer the big question: what is the message or idea you are trying to share?

Keep it short

As mentioned before, brevity is key here. A rule of thumb to follow should be seven words or less. Short words can also make it easier to comprehend for people reading it.

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Don’t forget the logo and the tagline as well. The exception here is to make sure that your contact information like your phone number and website are included. Readers will be looking for that before they are moving farther down the road.

Choose the right colors

It’s always a good idea to choose colors that match your brand identity while making it pop at the same time. You should also consider the idea of avoiding white backgrounds. Even if you are using brighter colors, white backgrounds can ruin it.

This is a rule to follow assuming you are using a digital billboard. For all other billboards, it may be a good idea to use background colors that are non-white. That way, it’s bold and more attentive when people start to notice it from farther distances on the highway.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for ways to make your billboard ad more effective, these six ways listed above will be a great starting point. Making it as effective as possible comes down to the design, the message, and where it’s located.

Not only are you able to get the job done by drawing in new business, it will also be working non-stop if it’s continuing to meet your goals. At times, you may want to change it up a bit and that’s fine.

When that happens, these six steps will be your guiding post. Good luck with your next billboard campaign.