Afghan War Casualty Report: August 2021


Aug. 5 Sar-i-Pul Province: three militia members killed

Three pro-government militia members were killed and eight more wounded in a Taliban attack on security outposts in Sar-i-Pul city, the provincial capital. The Afghan Air Force carried out an airstrike to slow down the Taliban advance.

Aug. 5 Uruzgan Province: one civilian killed

Abdullah Attifi, an Afghan poet and writer, was abducted from his home, and then shot and killed in Chorai district. The Afghan government blamed the Taliban for the attack, but a spokesman denied responsibility in a tweet. A Taliban spokesman also denied the group’s involvement in a comment to The New York Times.

Aug. 4 Parwan Province: one police officer killed

A female officer was shot dead by unknown armed men in Jabal-us-Siraj district where she was working on her farm. She was serving in Bagram district. The attackers managed to flee the area.

Aug. 4 Herat Province: three police officers killed

In clashes between the Taliban and the Afghan security forces in Herat city, the provincial capital, three police officers, including the commander of the Tenth Police District, were killed. The fighting has been underway for several days, but an airstrike carried out by the Afghan air force has slowed down the Taliban’s offensive. Thousands of families in and around the provincial capital have been displaced by the fighting.

Aug. 4 Herat Province: two soldiers killed

In a Taliban attack on Salma Dam in Chisht-i-Sharif district, two commandos were killed and two commandos and five police officers were wounded. The fighting lasted for two hours, but the Taliban were pushed back from the area.

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Aug. 4 Herat Province: six security forces killed

Four soldiers and two pro-government militia members were killed and four police officers were wounded during clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces in Guzara district outside the provincial capital. The fighting continues near the Khwaja Abdullah Ansari International Airport.

Aug. 4 Takhar Province: one police officer killed

The police chief of Baharak district was killed in a Taliban attack in the First Police District of Taliqan, the provincial capital. Taliqan has been under siege for about two months and the fighting continues. Apart from the provincial capital, all districts in Takhar are currently under control of the Taliban, according to The Times’ assessment.


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