Alyssa Milano passenger in car accident


The actress was uninjured but her uncle, who was driving, was taken to the hospital. According to a report from the California Highway Patrol [CHP] obtained by CNN, they were traveling on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, when there was a “medical issue” and her uncle “became unconscious.”

Milano was picked up at the scene by her husband, David Bugliari, according to the CHP report.

“With the assistance of a good Samaritan, they were able to bring the Ford to a stop in between the #1 and #2 lane. During the medical emergency, the Ford drifted out of its traffic lane and struck a Black SUV which fled the collision scene. Two LAPD units in the area came upon the incident and initiated CPR on the driver.”

The report also states that two lanes of the highway were shut down for approximately 1.5 hours.

The status of Milano’s uncle is currently unknown.

CNN has reached out to Milano for comment.


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