An In-Depth Look at the History of Numerology


Do you want to understand numerology better?

Numbers are fascinating, and a lot of people find meaning from them. If you are one of these people, numerology can help. After all, a lot of experts consider this study as the universal language of numbers.

In this guide, we will discuss the complete history of numerology. You will also learn about the numerology chart and how to get it below. Keep reading and find more meaning from numbers now.

When and How Numerology Began

As far as we know, numerology dates back to at least 500 BC. It was present in civilizations like Egypt and Babylon, but ancient Greece popularized it in the West. To be more specific, it began with Pythagoras, the father of numerology.

After he saw the relationship between numbers and music, Pythagoras proposed the theory. He traveled to Egypt to study Chaldean numerology for over two decades. As he learned more about numbers, this philosopher developed the Pythagorean Number System.

The Pythagorean Number System is the idea of assigning numerical values to letters. It also states everything has a numerical form. Numerologists and other mathematicians still use this number system today.

Pythagoras’s system combines religious rituals and scientific studies. After all, studying numbers can lead to a greater understanding of destinies. He also set up one of the first universities in the world, creating the Pythagorean Theorem in the process.

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In the Eastern part of the world, the history of numerology goes back to ancient China. To be specific, the system they used was the Chinese I-Ching or the Book of Changes. It is the most ancient book Chinese sages and emperors used to understand life. 

The term numerology only came about in 1907, despite its ancient existence. Nowadays, many people appreciate and practice numerology to understand life. The love or belief in numerology often begins in school, where 46% of students say they like or love math.

Knowing Your Numerology Portrait

Numerology is like astrology, allowing you to learn someone’s personality and future. The numerology portrait or chart is the numerologist’s mystic cheat sheet or guide. It can reveal strengths, weaknesses, and potential. 

To find your numerology portrait, you need to know six numbers. Three will come from your birth date and three from the letters of your name. These numbers are your:

  • Birth number
  • Life path number
  • Attitude number
  • Soul urge
  • Personality number
  • Power number

The most vital among them is the life path number. It guides you to the right path to take in life. It also points out your identity and the core of your personality.

The power number is your strengths, and the personality number shows aspects of your character. For example, your birthday number determines how people see you at first glance. Your attitude number tells your attitude in life, and the soul urge is your inner desires. 

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Your life path number consists of the numbers in your full birth date. Once you have all the numbers in your name, you aim to reduce it to a single digit. Exclusions include Master Numbers (11 and 22).

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Let us use Frank Sinatra as a life path example. This famous singer’s birthdate is on December 12, 1915 (12-12-1915). Add each segment or group of numbers together.

You get 1+2=3, 1+2=3, and 1+9+1+5=16. Continue reducing 16 to a single digit, resulting in 1+6=7. Next, add all three digits: 3+3+7=13/4.

Thus, 13/4 is Frank Sinatra’s life path number. In numerology, 13 is a karmic debt number, including 14, 16, and 19. The number four reveals a work-focused life. 

You can learn more about number meaning by reading about it. For example, your name or life path number amounts to an 8/3. Find out more about the number 8 meaning or as one of the angel numbers in numerology.

Magic Squares in Numerology

A magic square is an introspection tool. Ancient civilizations used it as a medium for divination. Magic squares show the conscious and subconscious reactions taking place in the physical and spiritual realms.

Each horizontal line, diagonal column, and diagonal must have the same sum in a magic square. When it happens, the sum becomes the magic total.

For example, your magic square from left to right, top to bottom, has the following numbers:

  • 6, 7, 2
  • 1, 5, 9
  • 8, 3, 4

The numbers in the first horizontal line are 6+7+2=15. The sum will appear when you add the second and third horizontal lines. It also applies after adding the vertical columns and diagonals. 

It is the number magic behind the magic square. Magic squares can be a 3×3 square or more. They also use the correspondence between letters and numbers. 

Energies of Your Numbers

Many mathematicians have a fascination with prime numbers because they are unique. Meanwhile, numerologists believe each number has associated energies.

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Here is a quick list of the energies linked to core numbers one through nine:

  • One: leadership, independence, innovation
  • Two: cooperation, balance, sensitivity
  • Three: optimism, self-expression, charm
  • Four: honesty, hard work, organization
  • Five: adventure, freedom, change
  • Six: harmony, the parent figure, responsibility
  • Seven: observation, introversion, learning
  • Eight: success, authority, strength
  • Nine: compassion, healing, idealism

The master numbers 11, 22, and 33 are also vital life path numbers. They consist of the numbers one, two, and three. These are also the numbers of the Triangle of Enlightenment, giving them profound energies in the phases of creation.

In short, number 11 stands for the creator and visionary. Number 12 builds the vision or is the architect. Finally, number 33 delivers a vision to the world. 

Increase Your Knowledge of Numerology Now

From ancient Egypt and the Chinese to modern use, numerology has evolved and come far. Learning about your secret numbers is a fun and enlightening task. If you love numbers and mysticism, numerology is the perfect belief system for you.

However, numerology is not the only way to predict your future. You can learn more about various fortune-telling methods online. Look for reputable resources to ensure your study is fruitful.

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