How to Be a Better Christian: 5 Important Tips

how to be a better christian

As a Christian, you believe in all the goodness that God has brought into your life, but it can be hard to always know how to best serve and worship him.

Our modern lives are busy and challenging, and sometimes we forget that the source of our strength is God, Himself.

If you’re wondering how to be a better Christian, you’ve come to the right place. These tips and reminders will help you become stronger in your faith journey.

1. Set Up Prayer Reminders

Everyone is always wondering how to pray more. With our busy lives, it can be hard to remember to communicate with God every day. But the benefits of prayer include a more peaceful mind and a closer relationship with our Lord.

You can get better at praying regularly throughout the day by creating little reminders for yourself. Set timers on your phone to take just a moment to talk to God about whatever is on your mind and thank him for all that He has blessed you with.

2. Read the Bible for Ten Minutes A Day

Devotion to the scripture is a necessary aspect to becoming a better Christian. God’s Word is in that book, and you need to be intimately familiar with it in order to become the best practicing Christian that you can be.

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It doesn’t take a lot to create the habit of engaging with the scripture. Set aside ten minutes of your night to read and reflect on a passage.

Not sure where to start? Use a guide to help you choose a Bible passage for each day. Reflect on how that passage relates to your own trials and triumphs from the day you had and the day you anticipate tomorrow.

3. Talk to Friends About Religion

Many people live a private faith life, but that is not enough in the quest for how to be more religious. You need to involve your faith in every aspect of your life in order to reap the full rewards of the Christian life – and that includes your social life.

Find friends who are willing to discuss faith and the benefits of religion with each other. Discussing Christianity with your nonreligious friends is an excellent way to incorporate evangelization into your daily routine.

4. Attend Church Regularly

You need to attend church regularly! Our prayers are stronger in a group, and it is easier to understand God’s message to us all with the guidance of a pastor and fellowship groups.

Make church part of your weekly routine to stay strong in your faith and church community. There are even online opportunities for church such as if you can’t always get out of your home.

5. Lean on Jesus in Times of Temptation

When temptation presents itself, the best thing you can do is rely on Jesus’s mercy. He suffered on the cross for the sins of humanity, and He will be there in your suffering as well. Give your troubles and fears over to Him and let Him into the darkest parts of your heart for healing and strength.

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How to Be A Better Christian One Step At A Time

Remember that God is always beside you in your faith journey. He wants you to succeed in becoming a better Christian to serve, love, and follow Him. With these simple ideas to change up your daily routine, you should feel better about how to be a better Christian.

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