Britney Spears explains topless posting spree


The singer has posted a few topless photos recently on her verified Instagram account. In the shots she covers her bare breasts with her hands.
In one series of photos Spears explained in the caption, “I didn’t get a boob job in just a week … nor am I pregnant … I have boobs in these pics cause I devoured food.”

“Before I show you more pics of my body … I want you to understand my thoughts on exposing my skin !!!!,” Spears wrote. “In my opinion it’s quite twisted the immediate response of when any woman is hot and they want to shed a layer … no … I’m not talking in a strip club or a performance … just on a practical scale of being in your car and realizing you’re wearing a stupid long sleeve shirt in the summer!!!!”

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She went on to write that she was posting the topless photos “because I was born into this world naked and I honestly feel like the weight of the world has been on my shoulders and it’s made me view myself that way!!!!”

“I wanted to see myself in a lighter way … naked … like the way I was born and to me looking back at my pictures when I shoot it’s insane the psychology in seeing myself in my purest form gives evidence that pain … hurt … tears … and heavy burdens aren’t who I am,” she wrote. “I am a woman …. a beautiful … sensitive woman who needs to look at myself in my purest form!!!”

Spears is currently engaged in a battle to end the more than decade long conservatorship that was put in place after concerns over her mental health.

In her topless posting she mentions the support of the#FreeBritney movement that has sprung up in support of that battle.

On August 9 Spears wrote in a caption of a video showing an avocado being cut that she planned on posting less because “the news has been pretty nasty saying horrible and mean lies about me.”


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