Build a better you with 5 self-improvement PC games

Build a better you with 5 self-improvement PC games

It has been believed for so long that gaming depletes your focus. And it probably is valid for a lot of games. It is almost impossible to think that games are being developed for improving yourself. “Gamification” or adding game-like elements to non-game activities has changed how we perceive games. Self-improvement games are fun not only because it helps you work on yourself and enjoy the whole process. Recently, self-improvement games have been trending a lot. If you are eager to try them out, we have compiled a list of the top 5 self-improvement games just for you!


  • actiTIME

actiTIME is on the top of our list as a self-improvement game. It has a bit more of a severe and analytical approach to boost your productivity levels. But it is fun to play at the same time. You have to plan your daily activities and duties with the game’s project management facility. Users can track hours spent on work or other activities in the actiTIME timesheet. You can evaluate your results with the time tracking data. The results are usually shown in a very comprehensive way for better understanding. The app displays your productivity time in fun graphics, encouraging you to make yourself efficient to attain better results. Although there is a free version of actiTIME that will help you, the paid version of the app lets you access the app features to their fullest potential. If you are a student or an individual who cannot afford to purchase a premium version, you can visit to download the paid version for free. 

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  • Habitica

Habitica is one of the best RPG games available online that help you improve your skills, focus, and attitude. The game has a reward-based approach, and you are only rewarded if you complete the task. For example, you can start with something simple, like adding an “organizing closet” task in one panel. You will be rewarded with gold and XP if you complete the job. The analogy is simple- if you complete your lessons, you will be rewarded, and if you fail to finish one task, you will lose health and backslide. Apart from encouraging good habits and imposing them on daily life, it helps you sort your day out before starting it. By completing all tasks, you get gears or build up your character and get virtual pets. You can fix your reward system and even compete with others. This game reinforces good behavior and encourages us to integrate them into our daily lifestyle. 


  • SuperBetter

The developer of SuperBetter, Jane McGonigal, claims that this app helps build habits developing their skills and has even helped some users pursue a long-term goal. SuperBetter essentially turns any real-life issues into a game filled with quests. Each purpose has many adventures, power-ups, enemies, and allies. For example, if your long-term goal is to lose weight, you have to power up by drinking a glass of water before you start working out. The game is perfectly balanced with game elements as well as self-help principles.  


  • Forest

Forest is one of the prevalent website blockers that many people widely use due to its catchy gameplay. It helps you stay focused by making you plant a virtual tree and setting a growth timer. To grow the plant, you need to keep the app running for a certain amount of time. In that period, the seed will eventually sprout into a lush tree. The catch lies when you decide to leave the game, to check an email or messages to get back and find the plant wither and die. Forest is a great way to beat your internet addiction and become more productive. Even glancing at the phone will trigger the app to send you encouraging or accusatory messages to stop you from fidgeting with the phone. 

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  • Zombies, Run!

 PC games

Currently running in its four-season, Zombies, Run! It is a free-to-play app that is essentially a jogging app but more fun. It is a terrific way to stick with your jogging regimen. The game assigns you a running mission where you have to gather supplies for your base of survivors. Narrative parts are jammed into your game playlist to make things more interesting. In that way, you don’t have to switch between apps or miss any game updates. It is a legitimate jogging app that syncs your time, distance, calorie burned, and other relevant information with your GPS. 



These are our top five gaming apps that we recommend using if you aim for self-development. Self-improvement is a constant non-linear journey with frequent ups and downs. A lot of courage is required to decide that you want to work on yourself. Acceptance is the first step towards success and recovery. There are many ways by which you can work on yourself and become a better person, and gaming is one of them. Although not every game helps you develop good habits and attain focus, some have been developed for the sole purpose. There is a wide range of apps available to choose from, improve your attention span, or beat internet addiction.