Current Crypto Strategies to Employ


The world of cryptocurrencies is an ever-changing one. New coins are being released into the market, and new strategies are being developed to take advantage of these changes.

Many people fear missing out. Hence, there’s an uproar of people joining the crypto space. Nevertheless, it’s not too late and not too early. You’re here at the right time.

This blog post will provide you with some insight into the current crypto strategies that are leading in popularity and profitability. We’ll also let you know which tactics might be worth considering for your portfolio!

Whenever you’re ready to learn about the latest in crypto, keep reading and get your notes ready.

Why You Should Get Into Crypto Now

Everyone agrees that the cryptocurrency market has never been hotter. At the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin was valued at just under $1000 per coin. It doesn’t take much to do some simple math and see how profitable investing in cryptocurrencies is today!

But why should you get into crypto now? There are several reasons for this – one being that prices have only gone up over time, so there’s certainly no rush if you’re not ready yet. But perhaps even more important than timing your entry well is having a solid strategy in place once you choose to invest.

Furthermore, crypto will power the future of the web. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s impossible to deny that blockchain is going to continue growing at an exponential rate over the next few years and beyond!

Crypto Strategies 1: HODL

HODL is a common acronym for “hold on for dear life. ” It refers to the strategy of holding onto cryptocurrency with no intention of selling it. In other words, you’re looking at long-term profits from your coin rather than short-term ones!

Although this seems like a simple concept, many investors have been using this technique since 2017 and are now reaping the benefits as their coins continue to rise in value. Be careful, though – there’s always that chance that your coin could die out if something happens, making it unprofitable or unpopular.

You should also keep track of market trends so you can determine whether or not your chosen crypto will be able to weather storms without too much damage done. If all signs point to a healthy future, then you may want to consider becoming a HODLer!

Crypto Strategy 2: Margin Trading

Margin trading refers to the act of opening a position with leverage. For example, you could purchase $1000 worth of Bitcoin but borrow another $2000 from your broker (a crypto exchange).

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This means that instead of owning one coin for $1000 total, you own two currencies at around $1850 after fees! The margin trader then has access to more potential profits than they usually would achieve by simply buying one bitcoin.

However, these positions also come with increased risk because the price may drop and result in losses or even default on the loan used for funding. Margin traders should keep an eye on market trends before making any decisions to avoid getting caught off guard if their chosen coin suddenly becomes unpopular.

Crypto Strategy 3: ICO Investing

ICO stands for initial coin offering. Essentially, you purchase a token or currency during an ICO period and then sell it at a later date. You do this once the value has gone up (when there is the hype surrounding that specific currency).

This investment method can lead to both huge gains and losses. This depends on how popular your chosen currency is among investors after the ICO time frame is over!

For example, someone who invested in Ethereum early on would now be sitting with profits worth thousands. This is because they’ve since risen significantly in price.

On the other hand, if you had purchased Enigma before their big announcement about joining Microsoft Azure’s Blockchain program, you might have missed out on potential gains because its price hasn’t moved much since then. It depends on how well you can predict market trends.

Crypto Strategy 4: Arbitrage

Arbitrage is a risk-free trading technique that involves buying and selling an asset. This occurs on different markets to profit from the price difference between those two assets. You can purchase and withdraw BTC from Byte Federal.

For example, if Bitcoin was being traded for $19000 on one exchange but only $18000 on another, you could buy it at market A and sell it at market B until they both match each other’s prices – thus effectively making a free thousand dollars!

Now, of course, this wouldn’t be possible with all coins. This is because many have been completely banned from certain exchanges or forbidden entirely. This means there isn’t much of a price gap available.

Arbitragers should keep up with the news surrounding their chosen currencies. This is so they are not be surprised by sudden changes in availability.

This method of investing is hard to make money with because it requires a lot of research and organization. Not everyone has the time or knowledge for this kind of thing!

Crypto Strategy 5: Gambling

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Some people like to take the route of cryptocurrency gambling to get their hands on fast cash. This is risky because you could win big or lose everything!

However, some strategies can help maximize your gains while minimizing risk. It’s worth learning about these if you’re interested in this method of investment.

A Martingale system involves doubling down when losses occur. They do so by placing more bets until that player wins back plus additional profits for themselves.

The problem with this kind of strategy is that eventually, it must lead up to a loss. This means one will place even bigger bets after each successive win to try and recover previous losses. Thus, leading players into extremely high-risk situations where they might lose everything.

A D’Alembert system is another way to reduce risk when gambling with cryptocurrency. Players take the last two numbers in their winnings, add them, and place half of that bet on black (or red) for the next round.

If they lose, they double down by placing that same number again. This means if you’ve won twice in a row, it’s safe to walk away or keep betting small amounts because your previous wins will protect you!

Crypto Strategy 6: Mining

Mining is a way to generate new coins for yourself by using your computer’s processing power – you can think of this as minting money. It’s perfectly possible to profit from mining, but it all depends on how much hash rate or processing speed your hardware has. Also, whether you’re willing to invest in upgrading components often!

The more powerful the processor, the faster hashes will generate, which means they’ll contribute more work towards solving blocks, so miners are rewarded with higher payouts.

Once, there was an estimated 200 million dollars worth of bitcoin being used just for hashing purposes back when BTC prices were soaring at over $4000 per coin! Now that we’ve entered a bear market, those might have dropped significantly due to difficulty increases, but it’s still possible to make money.

It’s important to remember that mining isn’t like trading where you can make a profit by spending less than what you’ve earned – this is because bitcoin was designed around the idea of deflation or limited supply, so there will only ever be 21 million coins for example. They’re gradually being mined over time.

This means that to keep up with the competition, miners must constantly upgrade their hardware which eats into funds, making it difficult, if not impossible, to turn a profit! So unless you’re willing to invest big bucks into equipment, then mining might not be your best bet when looking at crypto strategies.

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Crypto Strategy 7: Pumps and Dumps

Crypto traders who want to make money fast might be tempted by the idea of P&Ds, which involves buying and selling coins rapidly to profit from price fluctuations.

This is a risky strategy because it puts trust into other people’s hands – you’re hoping that they’ll buy up your coin once you’ve started dumping, so prices will rise again, but what if nobody takes the bait?

You could end up losing everything or, even worse yet, getting caught with your pants down when trading bots detect suspicious activity! So this isn’t recommended for inexperienced investors due to its high-risk factor. However, there are ways around this, such as joining a group where members have already been verified and deemed trustworthy. We do not recommend going at it alone if you’re new to the game!

People are constantly coming up with new crypto strategies, which means there’s never a dull moment in this industry. The only way to get ahead is by remaining updated on what other players are doing, then figuring out how that could affect your positions and investments.

Crypto Strategy 8: NFTs

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, which are becoming more popular in the blockchain industry. These tokens can represent unique items or collectibles, and they’re different from other currencies because each one has its distinct value based on rarity!

That means you might find an NFT token representing a specific type of fish. Still, it could have a completely different price tag than another due to how many have been made available. There’s no way of knowing until both buyers and sellers start trading, which is similar to buying stocks on the stock market, where you don’t know exactly what will happen next.

The upside is that, unlike regular cryptocurrencies, these assets won’t fluctuate as much since their values rely primarily upon supply and demand rather than market trends. 

Crypto Strategies Safely Used

There are many other crypto strategies that experts use. Still, we’ve only just touched the surface here – it’s important to remember that each player will have their unique approach and ideas, so don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with your strategy even after reading this article!

These are just a few examples for beginners but if you want more options, feel free to check out our other articles on blockchain technology. We hope this article has been helpful and informative – thanks for reading today!


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