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Dramacool | Watch latest Korean Dramas KShows Free with English Subtitles


Dramacool is a website that offers a wide range of Asian dramas, particularly Korean Dramas. Korean Dramas are a new sensation amongst audiences worldwide. Not everyone is ready to invest in purchasing plans for OTT platforms, and movie geeks are on a constant hunt for free opportunities to watch movies online in the comfort of their zone. A platform like Dramacool serves the right purpose. Let’s get right into what Dramacool offers.

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is one of the leading websites to watch the latest Asian dramas or Asian movies without much buffering and, icing at the top: It’s for free. All dramas and movies are streamed alongside English subtitles thus catering to a worldwide audience and not just Asian Community –that’s thoughtful. Dramacool offers a variety of Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Hong Kong dramas.

How to use Dramacool?

Dramacool offers a rather simple UI as compared to many other platforms. On the menu bar, you will see several categories: Drama list, Drama movie, KShow, and Popular Drama. Each category opens a drop-down menu offering many other options to choose from. The search option on the top right corner allows you to search for your desired destination within no time. Alongside the search option, there is a filter button that further simplifies your search query. Besides that, another category named ‘Drama Calender’ shows the time slots of each drama for the whole week. Additionally, you can log in to the site and request a drama –How cool is that?

How does the Dramacool app work?

Dramacool on Twitter: "My dear friends! Our site (dramacool. so) moved to  dramacool. vc, pls bookmark new link. And the problems have been fixed,  check it and enjoy your dramas, it's working

Similar to Dramacool’s website, the app engages audiences to use it easily. All features and categories on the website are potentially available on the app too. There’s no compromise whatsoever made concerning the compatibility of the app to allow users to enjoy their leisure time on their handsets too. Download Dramacool App now for nonstop entertainment on the go.

How to download dramas on Dramacool?

To download your favorite drama, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the website.
  • Select the drama you wish to download with the aid of the search button or navigating through the categories.
  • In this example, we are downloading the latest Korean Drama ‘Lady Tough’ 2021. Select the episode you wish to download.
  • After you click on the desired episode, a new screen will appear. Here you can either stream the drama or download the drama.
  • If you want to download the drama, you will see a download option just below the streaming video.
  • As soon you hit the download button, you will be provided with a download link as below.
  • Your download is ready. Easy, isn’t it? Have a good time.

Dramacool running man

Dramacool is always the first platform to update users with the latest episodes of Korean shows with eng subtitles. Click here to watch all episodes of Running man.

Is Dramacool safe to use?

Although the website is not flooded with unflattering or annoying ads or pop-ups, it still generates revenue from running ads. All you can do is to be extra careful when using Dramacool and avoid clicking on ads. You need not worry, we have sorted this for you. Just read thoroughly to know how to safely browse Dramacool. Dramacool is comparatively safer than any of its competitors, considering the scope of channelizing entertainment. However, a wise approach is to follow the instructions below to safely browse Dramacool.

What makes Dramacool stand out?

  • A humongous amount of content varies from Korean dramas to Japanese dramas to Taiwanese dramas to all Asian dramas.
  • Dramacool focuses on a user-friendly-tidy interface and easy-to-follow navigation pattern.
  • It is free of cost, with no need for any registration.
  • All latest dramas and movies stream on the site along with English subtitles. You can simply type your movie name with additional words as ‘Eng sub Dramacool’.
  • Dramacool’s streaming speed is relatively higher than any of the other platforms on the internet.
  • You may not find any annoying or adult ads on the site.
  • Dramacool offers HD quality entertainment on the go.

How to use Dramacool safely?

To safely browse Dramacool, you must:

Avoid clicking on Ads

Ads can be notorious at times, asking you to submit your bank details, etc. Any person of righteous mind would not give away such details on any site, however, do not ever fall into the trap of winning a lottery. 

Use VPN 

It is best recommended to use VPN since it helps in deceiving online predators to trace down your IP address and eventually prevents you from any unauthorized access to your system and hides your identity while you safely do your thing.

Install Antivirus

Sometimes ads do not plate a scam, rather come with a virus ready to disrupt your system –hence, installing an antivirus comes in handy. Antivirus will protect your computer from any malicious software penetrating your system. 

List of Dramacool’s working links 2021

Dramacool’s working links in 2021 are:

What are legal alternatives to Dramacool?

There is no match to Dramacool for its extensive and decent list of dramas available on the site. Anyhow, if for some reason, you are unable to use Dramacool, here are some alternative sites that you can trust:




Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Is it legal to use dramacool?

Dramacool is a free platform for all Asian dramas with the addition of subtitles. It is not justified to claim it as legal since it uploads pirated content. Depending on the country you are surfing dramacool from, you may check its legal status accordingly.

Is it safe to use dramacool?

Using the internet has never come without any flaws or drawbacks. Some ads run on the site, follow the steps above to safely browse dramacool.

How does Dramacool generate revenue?

We know that dramacool is the best website to stream and download Korean dramas, but besides that, it is healthy to know how Dramacool benefits from providing free entertainment. There are ads that run on the site, and these ads are in the form of pop up; users eventually click on the ads. This leads to the site owner making a profit by providing free movies.


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