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Dubai postal code


A postal code is a progression of letters or digits or both, some of the time including spaces or accentuation, remembered for a postal location to sort mail. Albeit postal codes are normally relegated to topographical zones, uncommon codes are at times appointed to singular deliveries or to foundations that get huge volumes of mail, like government offices and huge business organizations. 

dubai postal code

What is the Dubai postal code? 

Dubai is a city/state in the United Arab Emirates, and the U.A.E. doesn’t utilize a ZIP/PIN code or it’s the same. All things considered, Mail center Box numbers are utilized. These don’t compare to geographic areas, however, numbered letter drops to which mail is conveyed and would then be able to be gathered by the person or organization utilizing that Post Box.

The Postal code of Dubai utilized numerous spots for accepting bundles outside the country. The Assembled Middle Easterner Emirates and the entirety of its states utilize its framework called MAKANI Number. Powers and Armed forces utilize this framework in certain nations for geological purposes. In the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates each building, Home, or office has its own Makani Number.

  • Dubai Focal Postal Code: 337-1500 
  • Jumeirah Postal Code: 337-1500 
  • Mumtaz Speed Postal Code: 337-1243. 
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In the event that you have utilized any organization are the association, you will recommend utilizing the office Postal code number in Dubai UAE with the administration Consent. 

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dubai postal code

Two more Choices for getting Dubai Postal code number

1. You call Emirates Post and Book Your Dubai postal code number which isn’t free. 

2. You can Pick Emirates Public Po Box Number for accepting Bundles. 

In this Condition, you need to consider Emirates Post for the issue if your Postal code is Visit Emirates Post. 

What are Terms and Conditions for Dubai postal code?

• Up-and-comer fills the Individual application structure. 

• With Substantial identification duplicate and emirates id, home visa page for non-UAE nationals.

 • Needs Legitimate Public ID card for applying. 

• It required two identification photographs for new memberships.

What are the Charges for Dubai Postal Code?

All people who need to apply for a P.O. Box in the Unified Bedouin Emirates. If you wish to deliver the mail through PO Box at Mail centers.  Expenses of Dubai Postal Code. The yearly expense for Individual Postal code administration charges is AED 250 out of 2019. For New Postal Code enlistment expenses AED 70. 

How to Track a number?

He will audit the P.O Box number and Makani number for following the area. You would have a protected and solid method of getting Emirates PO Box packs. For the more reasonable groups, you would need to Continue closest Emirates Mailing station for booking your Postal code number for getting your mail while, in the more costly bundles, you can have your letter conveyed to your home or office. Rental costs range from 250AED to 750AED.

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dubai postal code

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Dubai have postal codes?

No, Dubai doesn’t really have postal codes, rather the people explain the proper directions to the delivery man. 


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