Famous Geometric Art Examples For Your Office Space

Famous Geometric Art Examples For Your Office Space

Art is life, some say, and it is a saying that is genuinely widely acceptable. A place for serious work like your office is not exempt from a need for beautification with some quality artworks. Art is sometimes viewed as the apex of human creativity and an expression of creative skill and imagination. Art is often in visual forms, like painting, drawing, or sculpture. Art is often meaningful and appeals to people’s aesthetic desires and emotions.

Geometric art, also known as geometric abstraction, is a type of abstract art that uses geometric forms such as lines, angles, and other shapes to create abstract art. Geometric art is made up of geometric shapes and materials. Geometric art is a form of art that is inspired by geometry.

Geometry is one of the disciplines of mathematics concerned with the shape, size, and position of objects.

Humans create geometric shapes. The term “geometric shapes” refers to the study of geometry.

Geometry inspired many abstract art forms and trends. As a result, constructivism and Suprematism were born in Russia in the twentieth century.

Some famous geometric art and geometric shapes painting that you can put in your office beautify your space and add aesthetic value. This article will explore examples of prominent geometric art forms that you can use to adorn your office space and provide a more appealing look. 

Sans Titre by Arthur Dorval

Arthur Dorval, an artist who happened to be fascinated by the pure geometric abstract movement, is recognized as one of the most famous geometric artists. Although the Frenchman has a trademark style with which he plays with color and geometrical shapes, his works are akin to the design of architectural works in their level of vibrancy.

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In Sans Titre, Dorval employs a seemingly perfect blend of colors that genuinely appeals to aesthetic senses while also using an exciting blend of shapes. Two pyramids stand out as the focal points of the painting. Dorval’s method of re-inventing art finds good use in this painting. 

This form of shapes painting, where the edges of the shapes are painted with bright colors and help brighten the entirety of the painting, is a good fit for your office space. You can use this painting to adorn your office walls and give them a nice and colorful feel while not being too bold on the wall.

#808080 by Jana Hamman

Jana Hamman is a designer, creative director, and artist who works in various mediums but predominantly in digital/mixed media and installation. She graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BA in Information Design in 2005 and has since worked in the South African creative business in various capacities, including design, fashion, and art.

Jana uses art as a personal outlet and distraction from the stresses of everyday life. It’s an escapism-inducing opportunity to experiment, challenge, and mock. She created it for her entertainment and curiosity rather than for the sake of art, and the outcome is work that also entertains and amuses a growing audience and following.

Jana Hamman has recently concentrated her artistic efforts on virtual art. However, she is equally known for her painting and installation work. Rather than creating social commentary, Hamman prefers to critically employ comedy, irony, and satire to engage with social conventions. 

One of her digital art pieces is included in her abstract print Uncertainty. The poster, which is part of her #808080 series, is a study in pure geometric abstraction using black, white, and gray tones. The artwork would be perfect for giving your office space a beautiful feel and could be used to complete a minimalist look if you want.

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Beads Thrill – Future by Luke Newton

A young British artist, Luke Newton, is noted for his alteration and interpretation of everyday objects and is one of the artists to create many famous geometric art pieces. Newton is known as one of the most impactful authors of the New Pop Art movement, transforming standard products such as iPods into defensive weapons or applying red stickers in various forms to the painting. 

You will be enamored with the abstract painting Beads Thrill – Future because of the unconventional material he used. This minimalist abstract geometric art, entirely made of pearls, analyzes the material and the repeated form of the little black rectangles on the white surface.

The digital world we live in has become one of the most prevalent sources of inspiration for contemporary art. Whether from a critical perspective or as a means of foreseeing the future, the technological society in which we live defines us and shifts our priorities. Luke Newton does well to infuse the realities of the digital age into this piece and give an artwork that will benefit your office space.

Sculpture a Trois Volumes By Francois Morellet

Francois Morellet is now regarded as one of the leading figures in the Concrete art movement. He is also at the forefront of Conceptual and Minimal art creation, thanks to his use of mathematical systems and geometry principles. 

Morellet’s infinitive constructions move from the painting’s boundaries, influencing the idea of de-mystification and subjective emancipation. He uses various non-traditional materials to construct grid-like geometric art forms in painting and sculpture.

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A piece of geometric shapes art, according to Morellet, only referred to itself. His titles are often clever, contain some wordplay, and explain the “constraints” or “rules” he employed in their creation. In his work, Morellet used rules and constraints established in advance to guide the creation of his works. He also allowed the chance to play a role in some of his compositions, as did other artists of that era who used constraints and chance (or the aleatory) in their works (John Cage in music and the Oulipo group in literature).

His strict use of geometry produces emotionally neutral work, and his goals put him in the company of Minimal and Conceptual art. He particularly admired American painters Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, and Sol LeWitt.

Morellet did an excellent job on this art piece that is so aesthetically pleasing and would make any space look more grand and beautiful.

Small Test Pattern 2 by Tom McGlynn

Tom McGlynn is a minimalist abstract geometric artist noted for his use of contrasting hues. McGlynn is a painter, sculptor, and curator who works in various mediums. His geometric painting uses a variety of colors to create an environment of opposing energies that are far from predictable. 

Through the eye’s reaction to color and form, his Test Pattern series investigates the essence of the contemporary being. His abstract painting is devoid of any emotion or trace of the artist’s inner self, reminiscent of previous important minimalist works.

In Small Test Pattern 2, Tom uses a combination of bright colors in an irregular grid to give off a beautiful piece of artwork that stands out.

The Bottom Line

The above geometric artworks are some of the best geometric artworks. The shape paintings are lovely and will give your office space a great feel. You can choose to purchase any of these artworks and use them to beautify your office space.