How Streaming Services Has Changed Our Entertainment Landscape

Our Entertainment Landscape

The streaming services industry is rapidly growing across every corner of the globe. Irrespective of the location today almost every local and the global viewer is keen to get access to the all-rounder streaming services provider such as CenturyLink Internet and many others. 

Days are over when we have to make a trip to Blockbuster every Friday night just to watch the latest release or get upset when watching the finale of our favorite series. The viewer of this era does not need to experience what we have been through. Because, today the viewer does need to leave his/her cozy house, comfortable couch, or peaceful environment of his/her home just to watch entertaining content. 

The world of entertainment has been revolutionized and so does the viewer. That’s the reason we can say that streaming services have revolutionized the landscape of entertainment worldwide. Apart from this if we take the example of internet connection, then there is no household that can imagine to live without the internet services. That is why reliable options such as CenturyLink Internet Plans are the priority of households that favors to use streaming services.

Now you can easily access and watch a broad range of your favorite classic hits and newest releases with one click. Interestingly, you don’t even need to leave your home and can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on multiple devices including smartphones, smart devices, and smart TV.  

If you are in search of exploring how streaming services have transformed the landscape of the entertainment industry and want to peek into the historic overview of how the streaming services got into the business and taken over the entire entertainment arena you have landed on the right blog. 

In this blog, you will get a quick overview of the streaming services that will help you to widen your knowledge of them. So, let’s start our journey without any further delay!

History of Video Streaming Platforms

YouTube was the first streaming service platform that was launched in 2005 and was founded by ex-employees of PayPal. Just within the shortest period of about one year, the platform gained huge popularity that influenced Google to acquire this firm for $1.65 billion. The success of YouTube was a clear indication that the entertainment industry is going to drastically transform in the coming decades in the shape of streaming services. 

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Time has proven that the decision made by Google was not wrong because after YouTube many companies start working on launching their streaming services instead of continuing their parental business. Netflix is one example that was previously a DVD rental service providing company but then moved to launch streaming services. 

That’s how the journey of the success of streaming services began that gradually expanded with many names including Amazon, HBO, Hulu, and many others. Today there is plenty of streaming service providers in the global entertainment industry offering amazing entertainment solution to globally spread viewers. 

Streaming and Cable TV Service

The cable TV services were initiated with the purpose to connect maximum people with TV and providing them with improved services. Cable services made it possible for people from distant locations to get stable transmission of the television broadcast. Undoubtedly, cable TV services remained the best choice for viewers for many decades. Even today a huge customer market not only in the United States of America but also in other parts of the world prefers to have a cable TV connection instead of the traditional TV broadcast.

However, the wave of the internet brought a revolution in cable services back in the 2000s. Internet service has made it possible for people to watch movies and entertaining content on this virtual medium. The credit goes to two key technological breakthroughs known as DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) and ADSL (Video Compression and Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). 

DCT works for compressing the video so that it utilizes a minimal portion of bandwidth that helps in easy transmission whereas the ADSL boosts the data bandwidth that would be transmitted. The collaboration of these two had made it possible for the firms involved in providing streaming services to execute their streaming services. After that, the world of streaming services had never looked back again! 

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The Inception of Smart TV Services

Soon streaming services were considered the means to reach out to TV programs transmitted into smart devices including TV, tablets, smartphones, and many others. Countless mobile applications get into the arena and started accessible to customers through Google Play Store in 2008. Just after two years in 2010 the traditional satellite and cable TV service providers started to move to stream one of the examples is DirectTV.

DirectTV is a famous satellite TV service provider that launched its streaming services with the name of DirectTV in 2016.  Moreover, Now TV is another streaming service provider in the UK that launched its streaming services just after Sky. 

YouTube also jumped into the race and launched its streaming TV services with the name YouTube TV in 2017. This streaming service allows subscribers to stream live TV shows, programs, and events whenever and wherever they want All these streaming services have broadly transformed the traditional way of watching TV.  

Now people are readily switching to streaming services to get more and more entertainment with ease which has widely supported the trend of “cutting the cord”. The covid-19 pandemic was the major contributor to accelerating the trend of switching to streaming services amongst customers worldwide. As a result, today only the key cable service providers have lost 7 million subscribers collectively in 2020 and this figure does not include numbers of customers lost at other providers in the country. 

The Incredible Growth of the Streaming Service Industry around the Globe 

Today the trend of quitting cable connections to acquire streaming services is rapidly growing in the United States. Users are now more into availing maximum entertainment at least cost than bearing an array of charges usually charged by cable service providers. Moreover, the streaming services are offering more huge range of entertaining content and customization to their customers that giving customers the freedom to choose what they want to watch and thus to pay only for what they are watching. 

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Streaming services have now become everyone’s desire and preferred choice to watch movies, dramas, seasons, TV shows, or other entertaining content. Interestingly these services do not require you to go through long contractual procedures neither it requires you to get additional devices such as a modem or router. 

Furthermore, the price these streaming services are charging is quite reasonable or we must say affordable to almost every user in the country. That’s why this means of acquiring entertainment has earned and is earning a great positive response from the customer market across the globe. 

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, this blog has provided you with a clear view of how streaming services have taken charge of the entertainment industry and why these services have successfully replaced cable TV services worldwide. However, if you want to know about some other streaming service options without going through long research work then we would like to suggest you visit BuyTVInternetPhone

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