How to astral project

How to astral project, is a hot topic because every one of us has been eager to learn what goes beyond the spiritual world yet theories from the past seemed incomplete to fulfill our thirsty minds for such a phenomenon. Luckily, it’s no coincidence how to astral project is officially a top-ranked mystery on Netflix in the year 2021 and it sure did a tremendous job by solving it in its famous show ‘Behind Her Eyes’ on ‘how to lucid dream’ which in other words is ‘how to astral project’ but before the process, it is a good practice to dig deeper into what is an astral projection if you want to have a safe and sound experience with how to astral project to ensure you’re doing it properly.

What is Astral Projection?

According to the famous Indian author Sadhguru, our body consists of five body types; Physical, Mental, Energy, Etheric, and Bliss body type. The physical type is what you see yourself as a result of your food intake as well as lifestyle in nature while the mental one is all about your body parts connecting to assist you to perform your daily life actions. The Energy body type on the other hand is what gives you the strength to maintain your physical and mental self at all times. The etheric body type is somewhere between physical and non-physical, and lastly, the bliss body type is completely non-physical. These body types are important to know because they define the basis of how to astral project in a systematic way. 

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Astral Projection is concerned with the mastery of releasing your physical body in such a way that it separates your mind, body, and soul and allows all your body types to have a life-like experience while you’re sleeping. It’s like you’re involved in a series of events in the real world but you’re dreaming to be exact. Based on real-life incidents of people who’ve tried astral projection, you don’t float in the air but eat, drink, act, dance, or even read your favorite book as if you’re doing it, although it’s really inside your head. 

Astral projection vs. hallucinations (out of body experiences)

There is a slight difference between the two. While hallucinations happen by accident or unconsciously, astral projection from the scratch is a planned and decided condition by the human brain. In the past when a few people floated in the air with their physical bodies beneath them, it was only possible if they were dreaming deeply without having any idea what was happening to them during their sleep. Astral projection, on the other hand, is intentional and more spiritual than hallucinations. You can merely do everything you wish to by keeping control over your actions and thoughts in your head which brings us to the core of the article. Furthermore, hallucinations can take place in every dream without your control but for astral projection, you need to enable your mind and soul to start astral projecting if you want to conquer a dream you already had. This is why it’s known to be not that simple as few manage to control their dreams with mastery

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How to Astral Project?

  1. Memorize your dreams

Since you need to control your dreams, you should start with memorizing what you experienced. It’s not possible to remember everything in its place but that’s why you’re trying right? How to astral project. Therefore, try to relax and note down all you know about your previous dream. Anything is fine even if it alters the situation a bit. 

  1. Meditate

Be hydrated, take a balanced diet, and perform breathing exercises to ease you on the journey. Stay focused and put and remove all distractions in your surroundings.

  1. Train your brain into thinking you’re asleep

Here, you close your eyes and feel your five body types. Concentrate on trying to separate your physical self from your mental self through your etheric type. You should picture a door that should lead you to another world different from yours. Think of yourself passing that dimension and entering into the world of your dreams.

  1. Recharge your sleeping pattern

Now a good way to understand this is to set an early alarm and force yourself to wake up, do something that you like and may change your position, and a few objects in the surroundings to revamp your astral projection ability as this can maintain your control and trick your brain to believe you’re going to dream again. You need to be able to distinguish between reality and perception so keep reading your thoughts every time you wake up to increase clarity for your scenario. 

  1. Reality checks

This is the part where you master your inner feelings into believing that you can pinch your fingers or tighten your muscles or listen to your midnight playlist and simultaneously dream about what you want to. This makes sure you’re into the vibe and doing anything you like in your dream with the powers to amend and improve your dream in your way.  

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As we come to the end of the discussion, it should be observed that how to astral project is not only a series of simple steps. There is ongoing research on better ways to see how to astral project which is why you should keep searching until you find the best way out. Who knows you could be the next master leading others to this wonderful phenomenon. Certainly, people with outofbody experiences had no psychic abilities and the same goes for astral projection. You have to follow your instinct, feel powerful and be confident about having control over yourself and that you and only you can do that if you will too.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Is astral projection real?

There are mixed reviews. According to research and some famous people like Sadhguru, yes it’s possible to do an astral projection for real. Some however believe that it’s far from getting it done.

What are the benefits of astral projection?

Realization of the importance of your physical existence in the real world because you have control over yourself when you’re not dreaming. Also, a way to research your creativity as well as abilities when you have control over something. Indirectly you can improve your leadership abilities and perform better. 

How to perform astral projection?

The article above can be referred to. For a brief overview take a look into the project technique attached above.

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