How to cut a watermelon? Amazing tools and techniques

Watermelon is indeed one of the best gifts of summer. The juicy and refreshing watermelon is a cool breeze of relief in the hot, sunny, and tiring days of summer. The benefits of watermelon are numerous.

It is good for the body and skin. Watermelon and watermelon juices often help in preventing dehydration during summers. It often helps in reducing inflammation and stress. The biggest good news is for people who are trying to lose weight. It often helps in weight reduction as 90% of it consists of water.

Despite enormous benefits, one major issue is how to cut a watermelon? Cutting watermelon is a tricky task to maintain its texture and size. Cutting watermelon in an untidy way ruins its beauty. But this article will help you to cut your watermelon beautifully and technically.


The most common and effective tools to cut a watermelon are

  • Sharpe knife
  • Cutting board
  • Bowl/ container
  • Watermelon slicer
  • Scoop
  • Circular cutter

Long slices

A sharp knife and a cutting board will help you to cut watermelon manually. The simplest way is to rinse watermelon and let it dry. Cut the watermelon into two halves. Pick a half and further cut it into slices. Peel each slice and cut it into long slices. This is how to cut a watermelon into perfect long slices.

Triangular cutting

Another beautiful way to cut watermelon is a triangular cutting. Triangular cuttings give a mouth-water view. Triangular cuttings are mostly used for a party setting. This can be done by using a simple circular cutter.

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The cutter is round from the outside and divided into equal triangular portions inside. Take a fully ripe and round watermelon for circular cutting. Cut the watermelon from the center in two halves. Take one half and adjust it on the cutting board facing upward. Place the circular cutter on the upper side of the watermelon, push it with force until it reaches the bottom, and get the perfect triangular of watermelon. WOW!

Scoops cutting

The love of children for watermelon can’t be denied. You can multiply this love by giving it a funky cutting. Scoop cutting is a very funky and trendy cutting. Moreover, it is very easy and uses minimum tools. You just need to have a scoop, a sharp knife, and a bowl. Here’s how you can do this magical cutting. Just cut watermelon from the center. Use an ice-cream scoop to make magical watermelon scoops. Place the scoop in the bowl and garnish with mint and cherries. Another interesting way to serve is to put all the scoops in the empty rind of the watermelon.

Cubical cutting

It is a tricky type of cutting. Although it looks beautiful, If not handled carefully it creates a mess. Just a sharp knife and a bowl are required for cubical cutting. Cut the watermelon in from the center and peel it while placing it upside down. Now cut the semicircle of watermelon in four horizontal and four vertical slices while grabbing it intact. Put the cubes in the bowl and garnish it with mint for a beautiful look.

 Rectangular cutting

 Rectangular watermelon slices look extremely decent. But the question is how to cut a watermelon into a rectangular piece of slices? You can get the rectangular slices of watermelon by using a simple tool. A rectangular watermelon slicer is easily available in the market. It quite user-friendly and gives beautiful rectangular slices. All you need to do is to cut the water into two pieces and drag the watermelon slicer on it. Collect the slices and place them on a plate.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

How to cut watermelon for a party?

Scoop cutting in a fruit basket is an amazing technique for party presentation.

What are the cool ways to cut watermelon?

Using a rectangular scraper to cut a watermelon is an excellent technique to cut a watermelon. The rectangular cut looks cool and trendy.