How to Do a Messy Bun

How to do a messy bun is a problem for every woman who needs to manage her hair. The messy bun is a simple up-do hairstyle to handle the problem of how to do a messy bun. You can do it yourself at home, and here we are going to inform you how to do a messy bun in an easy way. It would make no difference! how you manage to put your messy bun together, the result should make you feel comfortable and glamorous.

The Perfect Messy Bun in 3 Steps

Anybody can follow the steps to manage the issue of how to do a messy bun. These are suitable for all hair types like medium-to-shoulder length. 

If you haven’t showered your hair today it’s not a problem. You can still move on.No time to shower today? No problem. To solve the problem of how to do a messy bun is good to be solved as messy buns work best on second-day hair because of the added texture. 

1. Bring your hair into a high Ponytail.

The first step to how to do a messy bun is to gather up all your hair away from your face and neck and hold it up at the top of your head. Sometimes it looks easy to flip your head down and tie your hair that way, so you can secure it as high up as you like. So it’s up to you to leave a few stray strands out of your ponytail to frame your face. 

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2. Twist your hair.

Here’s the most important part to deal with his to-do with the messy bun. When you are done with gathering up your hair in your high ponytail, twist your strands until they’re taut. You are ready to wrap this long twist around the base of your ponytail (where your hair meets the back of your head) to form your high bun. 

3. Secure your bun.

To handle the query of how to do a messy bun and keep your messy bun in place, tie a hair tie or elastic around the bun and use bobby pins around the sides for stray hairs. You can make it more stylish by adding a fancy rubber band or a flirty bow, to match your outfit and make it your own. The options are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

How to do a messy bun with short hair?

i) Curl Your Locks
ii) Brush Your Hair
iii) Tease Your Locks
iv) Make A Ponytail
v) Finish the Bun

What are the styles of long hair for how to do a messy bun?

1: The Classic Messy Bun
2: The Dishevelled Low Messy Bun
3. The Wet Hair Messy Bun
4. The Dutch Braids Low Messy Bun

How to do a messy bun using a single hair tie?

1 Gather your hair into a ponytail.
2 Twist the hair
3 Wrap the hair into a bun.
4 Secure the bun

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