how to draw hair

Learn how to draw hair in three different hairstyles with this step-by-step tutorial. Before we began guiding you, there are a few things you must do. If you intend to follow this tutorial you should do it using a pencil and paper. Start by drawing with extremely light lines, as you’ll need to delete parts of it in later steps. It will also be much easier to repair mistakes if you use light lines. The lines in the samples have been slightly darkened to make them more visible. Let’s began with how to draw hair.

This tutorial consists of drawing three different hairstyles, namely:

1. How to Draw Hair –Curly 

2. How to Draw Hair–Straight

3. How to Draw Hair–Natural

How to Draw Hair-Curly

Drawing Curly hair is the most complex and you need the practice to master it. Below the pictorial edit that will be explained in steps.

Step.1 Draw head, simply by outlining the usual shape of the head.

Step.2 Add hairline to the head.

Step.3 Draw a line in the middle of the face where you intend to give your first curl. Later, make further curls depending upon the hair length you need. Begin shading.

Step.4 Try and produce the shading strokes in a way that they flow along with the varied hair clusters and light folds. Also, try and leave your strokes slightly apparent (don’t mix them too much) to create an appearance of individual hairs as you shade. Don’t press too hard on the pencil to color blunders like making the mid-tone sections (light grey) too dainty. You’ll want to progressively darken your shading. Finish the line drawing by adding the tiniest hair splits, folds, and bunches.

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How to Draw Hair-Straight Hair

Drawing Straight hair is the easiest and you need less time to master it. Below the pictorial edit that will be explained in steps.

Step.1 Draw the head and outline the hairline. Draw the hair length somewhat around the shape of the head and not less than that. 

Step.2 add details to the drawing by adding splits and folds.

Step.3 Keep the points in the first drawing in mind and begin shading along with the shape of the face. Make strokes that will define light, medium, and dark areas of hair. This drawing is symmetrical therefore you will have smooth transitions between these areas.

Step.4 Finish the drawing by darkening the shading and smoothing out the drawing.

How to Draw Hair-Natural Afro Hair

Step.1 Draw the head and outline the hairline. Draw the hair length somewhat around the shape of the head.

Step.2 Draw the hair curls as an afro. Draw wavy lines using the directions as a guide. Make the curls look smooth and natural by connecting part of them to the hairline.

Step.3 Make another set of curls. They’ll be smaller and shorter this time. Place them between the previous ones in the same “sun rays” direction as the previous ones. Break the curls’ ends out a little and break the hair outline. Regardless of the haircut, real hair isn’t precisely spherical. 

Step.4 Begin Shading. Afro hair is usually dark in color. However, if you want to allow room for shadows, use a base color other than black. Consider a very dark grey or a very dark brown. Just make sure the previous steps’ inside lines are still visible.

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How to Draw Hair- Dos, and Donts


  • Using one pencil only.
  • Drawing too dark strokes.
  • Drawing awful mouth shape.
  • Outlining everything


  • Use a variety of pencils.
  • To smoothen the drawing use smudging
  • Add fly-away hairs, it looks natural.
  • Check tonal values at the end of the drawing.

Follow these dos and don’ts along with the above step-by-step guide on how to draw hair realisticly. Dos and Don’ts help in making drawings realistic and radiate artist-like vibes.

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