How to Edit Gameplay Videos in 2021?


Gaming videos are undoubtedly a popular and staple category of videos on YouTube since the platform’s inception. You might have come across several gameplay videos on YouTube. Gameplay videos include a clip of footage obtained from a video game. The primary purpose of creating these videos is to show the gamers how to play a particular game. 

The video illustrates all the aspects of the gameplay. For instance, an RPG strategy gameplay video exhibits its battle system, world, and dungeon traversal.  

Do you want to upload a gameplay video? You can turn your amateur gameplay videos into engaging video clips that attract more viewers by devoting a little time and effort. Often, people do not watch the entire gameplay, but just a part of the video that helps them solve a specific problem, especially when they get stuck while playing the game. Many enjoy watching the most candid moments in the game purely for entertainment. 

Are you wondering how to deliver the same experience to your viewers? Using the best games video editor, you can edit your gameplay and make these videos helpful, engaging, and enjoyable.

In this article, we will talk about how to edit gameplay videos using the best video editor. 

Tips to follow while editing your game videos

Many users and gamers keep searching for expert advice on editing their game videos. If you, too, are looking to create good quality, highly customized videos, check out these tips below on editing your gaming videos:

  • Choose the right games video editor 

The first step in editing your gameplay video is choosing the right software. A good game video editing software will offer you everything you need for your standard video editing. There are many options to choose from, and you can pick the one that suits your requirements based on usability, features, and digital interface. Choosing an editing software that works for your editing style is better than opting for the latest and most advanced video editing software. Some of the top favorites include After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer. 

  • Work on a faster computer

As long as you have a good games video editor to edit your gaming videos, it does not matter what computer brand and model you choose to work with. However, it is important to ensure that the computer you are using operates at high speed. A high-speed computer helps you store huge files and helps you stay focused on your editing work without worrying about slow rendering.

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Opting for a high-speed computer offers a faster storage drive, allowing you to access the files and your games video editor faster. It also speeds up your loading, exporting, and rendering times. Choose a computer with high computer memory or RAM, which must be at least 8GB in size. Additionally, do not forget to obtain the recommended video card and processor to enable a smooth video editing process.

  • Watch editing tutorials 

Before you start editing your video, ensure that you watch sufficient editing tutorials. Are you wondering where to watch these tutorials? You can access plenty of such tutorials on YouTube, blogs, and educational websites like Skillshare, Video Copilot, and Red Giant Tutorials. These tutorials are available for free and are easily accessible.

  • Practicing projects

Many professional editors prefer to practice on the same project while following a tutorial. It helps in learning the editing steps correctly while following the instructions offered in the tutorial. Many tutorials also allow you to download their projects for practice. This is a good way to learn and perform the edits on your files simultaneously.

  • The 321 backup rule

Like other professions, you also need to practice the 321 backup rule before editing the game videos. Following the backup rule, you need to make three copies of the gameplay videos in three different hardware, where two of them are backup copies. Furthermore, you need to store one of those backup copies off-site, such as external hardware storage. This technique prevents loss of work even in circumstances beyond your control.

  • Maintain an efficient workflow

Even if you have a superfast computer and the best games video editor, it is essential to be systematic and organized with your media files. Proper organization of files and folders helps you have an efficient workflow. Storing your projects in an external hard drive helps lighten your computer’s memory load and allows faster file transfers. Being organized is a skill that will help you become a more efficient gaming video editor. 

  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts

Knowing and memorizing keyboard shortcuts is an essential part of editing videos. Most games video editors allow you to use keyboard shortcuts for performing editing functions. This saves you a lot of time and effort and makes the video editing process effortless. Alternatively, you can also invest in an editing keyboard, as it comes with all the shortcut icons.

  • Check the color 

Check your recorded game video from the perspective of a viewer before publishing it anywhere. Does the video look appealing? Does it require some adjustments? Often, game videos are required to undergo color adjustments to look visually better. If that is the case with your videos, make the adjustments in the editing section of your games video editor. Double-check for adjustments in contrasts, brightness, and color to make the videos look more appealing. 

  • Create short videos

Often we do not notice the length of the video and struggle to upload them due to their large size. Therefore, before you upload your video, check the video size and adjust it accordingly. You can create short videos carrying different stories from the longer video. As most games video editors support mp4 file formats, uploading them on social media becomes easy. Many viewers do not like watching lengthy videos; hence, creating short videos keeps the viewers’ interests.

  • Adding effects 

Adding transitions and effects keeps your viewers engaged and entertained. It helps move the story forward and creates a mood and tone in the mind of the viewers. Furthermore, adding effects to your videos makes your viewers eager and prepares them for the upcoming scene. You can easily add transitions and effects to your videos using good video editing software. The effects add an impressive quality to your videos. 

  • Add your favorite song or music

Never upload your game videos without adding music or audio. When viewers hear an appealing background sound playing with the video content, it can lift their mood and energy. You can even record commentary for the videos. It is best to use high-quality gaming headsets for recording your voice. Most of the games video editors capture sound from microphones and can accept music input from various channels.

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Editing your game videos can be a challenging job. But by learning from tutorials and with sufficient practice, you can make interesting gameplay videos for your viewers. We hope that the tips mentioned here will help you produce engaging videos and draw more visitors to your channel.

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