How to hack Roblox

How to hack Roblox

How to hack Roblox will no longer be complicated or have complex coding methods or algorithms to hack a Roblox account, not any more guys. Behold for a super easy solution that’ll serve your cravings on how to hack Roblox. But don’t worry if you have no idea what Roblox is. You might be a huge fan of Minecraft but why not step into a new world where you can find innovative ways to earn money? Wanna find out? Read along then.

What is Roblox?

Unlike Minecraft that has a bit distorted pixels in terms of graphics as well as their collections, Roblox focuses on a broader aspect towards the avatar that you choose to play in the game mode. You can choose different items, purchase new accessories or customization and spend money to buy them as well. The currency used in this game is called Robux and it is purchased from cash in real life which is of course your credit card/debit card account.  

What’s interesting about Roblox?

Well, you may be deceived if you make a first impression over the game because the jolly UI seems attractive to kids when in reality, people with financial knowledge like businessmen, traders, investors, or finance on their fingertips are more likely to enjoy Roblox as they would interpret the true gaming possibilities to win against each other. 

Also, for naughty underage children who try to create fake accounts for playing the game, Roblox allows their parents to access and keep checks on their account controls and communication platforms which should increase the game’s security.

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Find out more on how to play Roblox through the following video:

Let’s dig into the steps on how to hack Roblox that you’ve been waiting for ages to know. We know we know the security controls are pretty strict and under control but hey, nothing is impossible right? 

How to hack Roblox in simple steps?

  1. Find a profile

The first thing you want to do is to visit the Roblox page and find yourself a suitable prey. It’s better to surf up the net for the richest players who possess plenty of game boosters.

  1. Click inspect

Once you’ve found yourself a candidate, just right-click on any part of the page and select ‘inspect’ or ‘inspect element’ in some cases.

  1. Choose Network

As you select the inspect option you’ll be directed to another window with several options at the top menu. Choose ‘Network’ and you’ll be escorted to a new window.

  1. Drag your right-side screen

Drag your right-hand screen to left and right back and forth and repeat this process around 5-7 times at least.

  1. Save the file

Right below the ‘Application’ section on the top menu, click on the arrow facing downward and save your file on your computer with .har as the extension. This is because you’re hacking into someone else’s account so you’ll have to write this extension for the code to work.

  1. Open a ticket in discord

After saving your file, open the application ‘Discord’. Discord is a VOIP software used by game players to share their views and communicate with each other while gaming and you can easily download the application Download Now

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Next, head over to the General Chat section in Discord and click on ‘Open Ticket’ in the chat option.

  1. Go to the Hacking section 

Once you click on ‘Open Ticket’, go to the ‘Hacking’ section and choose the ticket that is shown underneath.

  1. Write IGNORE

Choose the plus sign button next to ‘Message ticket’ and a small dialogue box will appear where you select the upload option and upload your saved file. Then, just write ‘IGNORE’ in the message bar.

  1. Write the code

Under the message bar write down the following code, ‘!verify har (your file name) and close the ticket

  1. Write the code under the console bar

Go back to the screen where you saved your file (the one with Network and Application’ and click on Console. Write down your code in the same way.

  1. Roblox account hacked

Close the screen and refresh the person’s profile page that you chose in the beginning and there you go pal, you just found out how to hack the Roblox account and you have full control over this account. Congratulations!

But before you hack into someone’s account, do go through these guidelines and decide carefully if this is the right thing to do and if you’re desperate to know how to hack Roblox.

What are the consequences of hacking into Roblox?

Hacking may be the last thing you’d want to consider to play your favorite games. As much as tempting this shortcut sounds, it’s safer to create a legit, purchased account for the game rather than searching over the internet to know how to hack Roblox. If you visit Roblox’s official discussion forum they have mentioned these few things which you must note before daring to know how to hack a Roblox:

  • Such behavior is considered a violation of the terms of use and will end up deleting your account eventually 
  • Platforms claiming to offer your hacking methods such as currency, free Robux, or membership will increase the chances of your account hacked as the ‘keyloggers’ will have access to the tiniest details such as your passwords
  • A few Robux members have been victims of cybercrimes issues such as Phishing, Pharming, or Ransomware that resulted in a loss of ample amounts of money for them.

It is recommended that to stay safe from such activities it is far better to do it the legal way than quenching your curiosity on how to hack Roblox when the impact can be negative far beyond your expectations. But if you do it secretly, surely you can protect your identity and do it the smoother way.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Will you teach me to hack Roblox?

Roblox goes against the idea of hacking into their accounts and most of the accounts, if found hacked, will be shut down by the Roblox team automatically.

How to Hack Roblox Accounts Passwords?

There’s a huge document about this topic by the title of ‘How To Hack Roblox Accounts Passwords’ so you may check it out over the internet.

How to hack someone’s Roblox account in 2021?

You can use the same method shown above in the article or use the ‘Roblox Hacking Tool’ to hack an account. Both ways are fine although the method mentioned in the article above is 99% accurate and has worked for people to date.