How to Have an Organic Cannabis Experience

The Farm Bill of 2018 significantly expanded access to products containing cannabidiol. Options for those interested in tetrahydrocannabinol are also growing. 

Many people are interested in cannabis. But they’re not yet comfortable or familiar with smoking a cannabis product. The good news is that there is a lot more to cannabis besides smoking it. 

The world of cannabis products that people can use in other ways is growing.

Start With Your Skin

Cannabis products are loaded with antioxidants. CBD lotions, creams, and bath bombs can be helpful when fighting: 

  • Skin irritation or inflammation
  • Old scar tissue
  • Nerve discomfort

If you’re new to the world of CBD products, start compute and slowly. You can apply a hemp-based lotion or cream to freshly cleansed skin. Applying it to your recently cleaned skin reduces inflammation and irritation. 

You may want to watch how CBD improves your skin. If so, take photos of a particular patch of skin to track the improvements over time. That way, you can observe how your skin improves by using CBD over time. You’ll likely be happy with the results. 

Try Edibles

You can find both CBD and THC edible products for relaxation and pleasure. 

As a general rule, most users find that CBD teck make them feel more calm and happy. Imagine choppy waters suddenly becoming calm. That’s how edibles can make you feel, given you take the proper dosage and type. 

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THC products often create the more traditional sense of euphoric disconnection or “high.” You still can feel calm, but typically, THC products generate more of a high. 

Depending on your interest and preference, either product can be pretty beneficial.

How They Absorb in the Body

Edible cannabis products take longer to enter the bloodstream. Sublingual oils or smokable products, on the other hand, enter the bloodstream quickly. 

But there is a way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis edibles at a lower level for a longer time. The trick is to take them with a meal that contains fatty food. Examples of fatty foods are avocado or full-fat dairy. 

Try using edibles while eating fatty foods. It’ll allow you to take advantage of their benefits for a longer period. 

Edibles for Sleep 

For those who struggle with sleeping challenges, you can stack your cannabis use. For example, you can use a sublingual dose under the tongue right before bed. Using a sublingual dose will help you fall asleep. Furthermore, sublingual grade oils enter the bloodstream quickly. This is ideal because it’s easier to fall asleep right away. 

At the same time, you can take CBD gummies to help you stay asleep. Anxious thoughts or a constant mental “spin” can make sleep hard to find. CBD products can make training your brain away from such patterns easier.

There are endocannabinoid receptors throughout the brain, body, and gut. So, using edible cannabis products is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Private Relaxation

A glass of wine can relax you and contribute to the quality of your meal. Similarly, quality organic cannabis products can relax you. Plus, organic cannabis allows your brain to make new connections. 

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At times, you may feel that your creativity gets stifled by the pressures of life. Then, a pure cannabis product such as kief can free you from the stress tethers of ordinary life.

Smokable Cannabis Flower

To discover kief pleasures and benefits, let’s learn more about smokable cannabis flowers. 

Kief gets harvested from the tiny hairs that develop on the flowers and plant leaves of late-season cannabis. This natural concentrate may also be referred to as pollen. If you find a source of organic kief, it will likely show up as a gold or tan powder. You can also grind and screen out your own kief. Although if you screen it out on your own, it may have more green products in it.

Veriheal has an excellent article that explains further everything you need to know about kief. Plus, below there are examples of you may want to use kief to benefit your lifestyle. 

Pure kief can be:

  • Smoked alone for a very intense cannabis experience
  • Sprinkled over a flower or rolled into a joint
  • Blended into a hot beverage
  • Blended with melted butter for baking or direct use
  • Kief does need to be heated to gain the full potency of the product


With any cannabis product, you will want to start small. It’s also a good idea to keep a journal to keep track of various factors. For example, you can log your experience, your dosage, and the benefits over time. See if you’re getting the results that you want and make changes to improve your experience. 

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It’s vital to note that you should only buy from companies that offer third-party testing. Their business should also have organic certifications. If you’re thinking about growing your own plants, check out some great cannabis seeds at reseller Zamnesia.


In closing, don’t shy away from using marijuana just because you’re new to it. Besides using it to get high, there are many medicinal benefits. There’s also the benefit of using CBD for calmness and pain. Try a form of marijuana and come to your own conclusions!


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