How to keep a mummy

How to keep a mummy (Miira no Kaikata) was originally a manga series written by Kageru Utsugi in 2014 with the genre of comedy as its main focus until it became the center of attention and was released as an anime in the year 2018. Until now it has 13 volumes published under Futabasha but the anime caught a huge audience after its release in 2018 due to its unique title, ‘how to keep a mummy’.

Plot – How to keep a mummy

The story features a young, high school student known as ‘Kashiwagi Sora’ when one day his not so normal father dispatches him to a mummy while he travels in Egypt. When Sora receives the mummy it pops out of a huge coffin to which he is startled at first and irritated at the same time to take care of another member in his house but soon realizes that the mummy is small enough to fit in his palm and only 12 centimeters in size that gives him relief.

He names the mummy ‘Mii-kun’ and later develops a good intimacy with the mummy only to realize that it’s too shy a crybaby, and heck cute but a hell to manage for only 24 hours. His friends later find out their pets of a similar magical nature and discover new adventures every other day.

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The plot is clearer so let’s dig deeper into each episode’s teaser. There are 12 episodes in total and we’ll discuss each one of them in order. You sure want to know how to keep a mummy right?

Episodes – how to keep a mummy

Episode 1:

White, Round, Tiny, Wimpy, and Ready

Sora’s dad sends him a package from when he’s visiting Egypt. It’s a huge coffin that contains a short, 12 centimeters in size, mummy. Sora doesn’t know what’s happening but he needs to learn how to keep a mummy.

Episode 2:

Toyed With and Chased Around, Being Small Is Hard

It’s become a challenge to manage school and take responsibility for how to keep a mummy but with assistance from his schoolmate, ‘Tazuki’, Sora handles the task pretty well. 

Episode 3:

It’s Scary When Someone You Care About Gets Sick

A twist in the plot arises as Sora catches flu in this episode of how to keep a mummy but despite his friends’ caring response towards him, it is indeed a challenge to overcome the fact that Sora has always been independent and strong all by himself which certainly makes it harder for Kaede and Mii-kun to take care of him.

Episode 4:

You Can’t Play Tag by Yourself, and It’s Fun to Play With Others

On his way back home from work, Kamiya Tazuki meets eye with a ‘child oni’ (Conny), later to be Tazuki’s pet who seems to be badly beaten up and hurt but he still resists showing him any support.

Episode 5:

Go Away Kindness, Go Away Fear

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How to keep a mummy gets interesting in this episode. Mogi (Motegi Asa) has to go through one of her worst fears when she finds a tiny dragon hanging in her room that is a lizard as she steps into her house. The fear of lizards was enough to keep her scared yet one to be her pet is now more of a concern. She names it ‘Isao

Episode 6:

I can’t grow all at once, so I’ll grow over time

The three pets: Mii-kun, Conny, and Isao learn how to write, another challenge in how to keep a mummy for the owners while on the opposite, Kaede’s alarm clock ‘Mandrake’ is nowhere to be found and keeps the entire group of friends busy in its search. 

Episode 7:

Scary Dreams Are Okay Because I’m Not Alone

(Daichi Tachiaki) who first seems frightening to the gang because of his threat is later found out to be in some kind of trouble. Sora lends him a hand to ease his worries. 

Episode 8:

New Places, Strange Places, Strange Friends

The group of friends finds the perfect babysitter for their pets. Amid the episode of how to keep a mummy, Mii-kun sets out on an unintended adventure.

Episode 9:

Kind Hands, Warm Hands

Tazuki’s pet Conny develops some bad habits like stealing food from the family which brings a gap between his ties with Tazuki.

Episode 10:

A Surprise From Afar

How to keep a mummy gets another twist in the plot when Sora’s father sends him another package which doesn’t seem to be harmful but it sure is talkative. A contrasting personality it has.

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Episode 11:

I Want to Be With You Forever and Ever

Suzuki, one of Sora’s high school classmates shows him a picture of an injured inugami that urges the entire team to head towards the mountains to look for it. 

Episode 12:

Always Together

This is the most worth noting episode of how to keep a mummy when a collector captures until Sora and the others fight together to beat him up and get their friend back.

Alright, fans these were the overviews of all 12 episodes from how to keep a mummy and if you catch interest in its plot then you may see that the link for the episodes is also attached for your ease.

Do not wait to watch if you’re curious about how to keep a mummy. You can also get more information about each character by clicking on their names highlighted above and you’ll get all the details about them which you need. Stay tuned for more information on how to keep a mummy.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

When is How to Keep a Mummy Season 2 coming out?

It was shot on April 18th, 2018 but is yet to be released officially in the form of full episodes.

Where can I watch how to keep a mummy?

You can watch it on the following websites crunchyroll, Anime