How to make a cobblestone generator?

How to make a cobblestone generator will now be at your fingertips and save you from the struggles of gathering enough inventory which is required for the progression of the ‘Skyblock’ game mode in Minecraft.

Many players are not aware that once you get to build your stable cobblestone generator, you can automatically craft a wide range of necessary items to keep you working in the game. Therefore, first, let’s refresh our concept about cobblestones and then review their mechanism in Minecraft, and eventually, these 4 steps will make more sense to you on how to make a cobblestone generator.

What is a cobblestone?

It is a heavy gray block, larger than a rock, and has huge cracks all around its tough, edgy surface. Its exterior is similar to a gigantic stone in real life and is built by balancing the properties of water and magma for a perfect cobblestone generator.

Why are cobblestones useful?

According to research conducted on the importance of cobblestones, the following items listed below cannot be crafted without generating cobblestones in Minecraft:

  • Stone pickaxes
  • Stone axes
  • Stone hoes
  • Stone swords
  • Stone shovels
  • Levers
  • Furnaces
  • Brewing stands
  • Pistons
  • Observers
  • Droppers
  • Dispensers
  • Diorite
  • Cobblestone stairs
  • Cobblestone slabs
  • Cobblestone walls
  • Andesite

Process of a cobblestone generator

Before you make your cobblestone generator, gather the materials required: You’ll need to mine a stone block if it’s available, otherwise you can mold some cobblestones in a furnace to create some stone blocks. Next, make sure to collect the necessary tools for its construction.


Tools for cobblestone generator

  • Lava bucket
  • Water bucket
  • Water 
  • Noob/shovel
  • Diamond Sword (if the shovel isn’t available)
  • Diamond pickaxe
  • Ice (alternative to water)

The 4 steps: How to make a cobblestone generator

  1. Dig a hole:

Grab your shovel/sword to dig a 6×1 sized rectangular trench in the ground by mining four blocks. Make sure to dig the second block one step deeper as this will balance the amount of water and prevent it from overflowing into the lava section otherwise it will hinder the perfect cobblestone generator you want to build.

The good news is if you’re a champ using ice instead of a water bucket, all steps are the same yet you’ll just add water with the help of ice and not the bucket which makes you a level ahead of water bucket owners.

  1. Pour water:

For the first two blocks, you mined earlier, use your water bucket to pour some water into them. Or, use ice if you’re not equipped with water.

  1. Add lava:

Leave the third block for your cobblestone and fill the last block with lava by using your lava bucket.

  1. Cooldown the cobblestone:

If you’ve followed the first three steps accurately, a cobblestone should automatically spawn up between the water blocks and the lava block. To generate an infinite number of cobblestones, utilize your diamond pickaxe to mine at least thrice so this allows your cobblestone to cool down, and voila, there you have your self-made, neverending cobblestone generator! So folks, how to make a cobblestone generator will now be a piece of cake for you Minecraft lovers.

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The best way to generate countless cobblestones is to carefully and equally increase the amount of water and lava you add to the trench. It should take around 4 lava buckets that shall be used to pour the lava and cool in turns to maintain sufficient amounts for each cobblestone.

Use a pickaxe rather than a paved stone to break your cobblestone as it is a neater substitute to get a fine, gray block for the cobblestone.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How to make a cobblestone generator with ice and lava?

In steps 1 and 2, use ice instead of a water bucket to add water into the two blocks in the ground. 

You just need to replace water with ice and make the rest of your cobblestone generator like the 4 steps mentioned in the article above. 

How to make an (automatic cobblestone generator)?

Please refer to step 4 of the article above. It contains all the information required to generate an infinite number of cobblestone generators.

Can we access an endless amount of water?

Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is to dig a larger hold than usual and deeper to the core in the second block of the trench; this will create a black hole in other words, an enormous supply of water for your cobblestone generator.