How to make a lectern In Minecraft

How to make a lectern in Minecraft to use it as a decorative item or as a job site block for unassigned villagers. Lectern in Minecraft is used as a podium, a decoration piece, or when you look for an enchanted book.

The lectern can be used to dim room lights in Minecraft. One major advantage is that it serves as a job promoter for villagers. Let’s get into how to make a lectern In Minecraft.

Ingredients for making Lectern in Minecraft

Before we get into learning how to make a lectern in Minecraft, it is important to note down its ingredients.

To make a lectern, you will need:

  • Four Wooden Slabs
  • One Bookshelf
  • Crafting Table

The guide on how to make a lantern can only kick start if you know how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft.

How to make a bookshelf in Minecraft?

To make a bookshelf you need books, of course. Here is an easy guide to making a book.

To make a book you will need:

  • 3 pieces of leather
  • 9 papers

Start by looking for cows in Minecraft because you will need leather dropped by cows to craft books which will then be used to craft a bookshelf. You need a total of three books to make a bookshelf.

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Cows can easily be found around the grassland. One thing to be made sure of is that cows do not always drop leather, and so, you will have to look for them until you get all the leather that you need. 

Next, you need to make paper. To make paper you need to have sugarcane. You can either look for sugarcane around riverbeds or grow your own. Paper is made from three sugarcanes. Each sugarcane yields three pieces of paper, and you’ll need nine total pieces of paper to construct the books for a lectern. Find nine sugarcane plants or develop your own to get the sugarcane you require. 

Open the crafting table, place sugarcane as shown below, and make the paper as required by the recipe. Remember that you need nine papers to make a book.

Now that you have leather and paper to make a book, just put the ingredients on the crafting table. Unlike many Minecraft recipes, a recipe for books is forgiving; you can place paper and leather anywhere on the table and you still get your final product: a book. A book requires one leather and three pieces of paper to make. 

Lastly, you need slabs. For slabs, you need to cut down trees, turn the logs into planks, and planks into slabs. Place three books in the middle of the crafting table and surround these books with wooden planks. Now you are ready to learn how to make a lectern in Minecraft.

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How to make a lectern in Minecraft?

Assuming that you have made it through all the above steps, now you can learn how to make a lectern in Minecraft. 

To learn how to make a lectern in Minecraft, you need to place a bookshelf in the middle of the crafting menu and three pieces of slabs above it, and one slab underneath it. Note down that it does not matter what kind of slab you use to make the lectern. The Player has the option to mix and match the type of slab in the crafting recipe and it doesn’t change its appearance.

How to use a lectern in Minecraft?

Since you have now learned how to make a lectern in Minecraft, it is even essential to know how Lectern could be used in Minecraft. Let’s discuss the uses here.

A job site for Villagers

A lectern is generally used by villagers as an employment block. Any unassigned villager will seek out a nearby work block, and the librarian profession will be assigned to a villager by the lectern. A standard book will be transformed into an enchanted book by librarians. As long as the librarian is level one and has not traded, you can refill their inventory.

This implies you can replenish a librarian’s stock until they sell the charming book you’re seeking for. An extremely precious enchanted book is being repaired because these books can only be found and cannot be enchanted regularly.

To hold a book and a quill

Lecterns can also be used to hold a book and a quill. This is a lovely piece of furniture for any space in your home. By right-clicking on your lectern, you can read the book and quill. You cannot, however, make changes while it is on the lectern.

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Use as a decorative item

Lecterns also have an interesting use where they will emit a Redstone pulse if a book and quill are placed on one. You can use it as a way of dimming lights in your room.


To make a lectern in Minecraft, get your hands on a 3×3 grid. Now, you need to place a bookshelf in the middle of the crafting menu and three pieces of slabs above it, and one slab underneath it. Simply click and drag the Lectern into your inventory.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a lectern recipe?

To make a lectern you will need one bookshelf and six pieces of slabs. Place the bookshelf on the crafting table, three slabs above it, and one underneath it. You will get a lectern.

How to use a lectern in Minecraft?

A lectern is a job block for unassigned villagers. A villager who turns into a Professional Librarian gets you enchanted books. You can use a lectern to hold books and quills and use them as decorative items too.

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