How to make a Stonecutter in Minecraft:

How to make a Stonecutter, Stone and iron are required to make a stonecutter. Both of these materials are commonly available across the Minecraft universe.

Let’s get into the process of How to make a stonecutter. There are several editions of how to make a stonecutter. 

  • How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft in PE version.
  • How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft in the PC version
  • How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft Bedrock edition
  1. How to make a stonecutter in the Minecraft PE version? 

Stone-cutter may be discovered in the creative inventory for versions 0.41.1 – 1.1.3, under the Decorations menu. Stone-cutter can also be found under the Items category in Pocket Edition 1.2 – 1.114.0. How to make Stonecutter in Minecraft Pocket Edition, simply follow the instructions below:

Step 1: The very first step of how to make a stonecutter in the PE version is to Launch Minecraft and go to the Crafting menu.

Step 2: Place the ingredients in order:

  • 3 stones 
  • 1 iron ingot

Step 3:  Open the 3×3 crafting board and complete the following Crafting recipe:

  • On the second box, place an iron ingot. The very first row.
  • Place one stone in each of the boxes. The second row.

Step 4:  If your ingredients are properly arranged, Stone-cutter will appear in the right side box of the 3×3 crafting board.

Step 5:  Add your Stonecutter to your inventory.

  1. How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft PC Version?

The first two steps of How to make a stonecutter in PC Edition are identical to How to make stonecutter in the Pocket edition version. 

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Step 3:  Place the following materials on the 3×3 board:

  • 1 iron ingot should be placed in the 2nd box of the first row.
  • Place 2nd row: 1 stone each.

Step 4:  On the right side of the 3×3 grid, you may see a stone-cutter constructed if you position your ingredients correctly.

Step 5:  You have completed the steps of How to make a stonecutter in PC edition. Now go to Inventory and use the Stone-cutter to cut stones.

  1. How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

To learn How to make a  stone-cutter in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, follow the procedures below:

Step 1: Open Minecraft > Go to the Crafting menu.

Step 2:  Assemble the ingredients:

  • 1 pound of iron
  • 1 stone
  • 1 piece of polished granite
  • 1 andesite (polished)

Step 3:  Fill a third of a crafting board with ingredients and follow the steps below:

  • 1 iron ingot in the first box of the second column.
  • 1 stone in the first column; 2 stones in the second box
  • On the second column, in the second box, 1 polished granite should be placed.
  • 1 polished andesite in the 2nd box of the 3rd column.

Step 4: The Stone-cutter will begin to create. On the right-hand side of the 3×3 crafting board.

Step 5: Return the Stone-cutter to your inventory, and you can now use it to make smoother versions of your stone-related blocks.

You have now completed all of the steps for how to make a stonecutter for all editions. You may now utilize the stonecutter.

Required materials to make a stone cutter: 

How to make a stonecutter, these are the elements you can use to construct a stone-cutter in Minecraft:

  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 3 Stone


In Minecraft, a stone-cutter can be used to cut stone blocks into smaller pieces or as a substitute for a crafting table. When making other stone goods, stonecutters just need one piece. Instead of using many blocks, one block of cobblestone can be used to build stone stairs.

Best tool for mining Stone-cutter: 

Supported platform

Java Edition (PC/MAC)1.14
Pocket Edition
Xbox One1.2
Nintendo Switch1.5.0
Windows 10 Edition 
Education Edition

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Are Stone-cutters efficient? 

The stonecutter does not provide enough justification for being used. Yes, it makes it easier to create stone blocks, but it should also make them less expensive to make. Stairs and chiseled stone bricks are the only stone blocks when using a stonecutter is worthwhile.

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft?

To make a stone brick in Minecraft, first, scorch cobblestone in your furnace to get stoned. Then, in your crafting table, lay four stone blocks in the shape of a square (or grid). You should now have a basic stone brick.

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