How to Roll a blunt

How to roll a blunt | many cannabis users who know how to roll a joint agree that how to roll a blunt is a completely different game.

Before we get into how to roll a blunt, let’s define the term “A Blunt is a cigar in which the loose-leaf tobacco has been substituted by cannabis.”

 To know how to roll a blunt, you’ll need additional knowledge and expertise. This is because a blunt is not only longer and fatter than a standard joint, but the paper is also coarser and grainier, making it more difficult to roll and get to stick together.

How to roll a Blunt: Material Required

Before you start learning how to roll a blunt, learn about the materials you’ll need:

  • A Blunt wrap
  • Weed
  • A lighter
  • Blunt splitter
  • A rolling tray

If you want to roll a blunt, believe it or not, you don’t need a grinder. Break up your weed by hand.

We highly advocate utilizing a blunt splitter unless you want to despise your life and appear to be a complete novice. 

Step by Step Guide of How to roll a blunt: 

Many of us have never rolled joints or blunts before. We created this step-by-step instruction for you if you’re a first-timer or a beginner. We put together this beginner-friendly guide on how to roll a blunt.

Step 1: Break-up your Buds: 

To roll your weed in a blunt or to know about how to roll a blunt, you’ll need to break it up into little pieces. At this point, you can use whatever flower strain you wish. Instead of purchasing premium top-shelf flowers, you can save money by purchasing inexpensive buds, shake, and trim. If you want to make this a truly sumptuous experience, choose a quality flower and luxury wraps or cigarillos.

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Because blunts are designed to last longer, a decent strain is a good idea, but it’s not required to learn how to roll a blunt.

Step 2: Buy a blunt wrap:

Another thing you should know about how to roll a blunt is; the tobacco is hollowed out of a genuine cigar in a classic blunt wrap. When learning how to roll a blunt, many people like to use a cigarillo, such as Swisher Sweets, which are both inexpensive and come in a variety of flavors.

 If you’re new to blunt rolling, a commercially prepared blunt wrap is your best bet because they’re much easier to work with. If you want your blunts sweeter, Zig Zag has a wide selection of flavored blunt wraps. A Phillies is the standard full-flavor blunt experience if you prefer to take the more traditional approach and start with a cigar.

Step 3: Prepare your Blunt Wrap

You’ll need to drain the tobacco first if you’re starting your first blunt with a traditional cigar. Slit the cigar vertically through the middle to empty the tobacco, or gently twist until all of the tobacco is gone.

If you’ve chosen a blunt wrap, simply fold it in half like you would when rolling a joint with a rolling paper.

Step 4: Prepare your weed

When learning how to roll a blunt, make sure the weed is evenly broken up and free of any large chunks, stems, or seeds. The easier it is to roll or pack cannabis that is consistently split up. However, if it’s ground too finely, the smoker may struggle to get a good hit.

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Step 5: Roll the Blunt

Simply roll it like a joint if you’re using a blunt wrap or a cigar that’s been split down the middle. Place your cannabis in the center of the table and spread it out evenly. Once it’s uniformly spread, roll it up as tightly as possible with your thumbs in the middle and your index fingers to keep everything in place.

It’s ready to smoke once you lick the upper edge of the wrapper and close it up. You’ll need to gently fill your blunt with weed, packing it down as you go, if you opted to empty the tobacco without cutting it. Here, a small funnel constructed of construction paper and a straw or other thin object will come in helpful and make your job much easier.

Simply light it up and start toking once you’ve completed all of the steps of How to roll a blunt and have your weed in and it’s filled up so that it’s nice and fat.

If you’re still unsure about how to roll a blunt, take a look at this video.

Bottom Line: 

Blunts are ideal for cannabis connoisseurs who prefer rich scents and flavors, as well as a slow burn and a powerful high.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

How much weed should be in a blunt?

Because blunts are larger than standard joints, you’ll need extra weed. For one blunt, 1-2 grams should plenty, but if you’re using a large cigar, you could need more. Take into account the number of persons who will be in your smoking circle.

How much weed should you buy?

Check this full Video

Why do People like Blunt? 

Blunts are frowned upon by many cannabis smokers. 

1. Many blunt smokers appreciate the additional flavors and aromas provided by the tobacco leaf wrap.
2. Blunts burn a little longer than regular joints, offering smokers an experience similar to puffing on a cigar or cigarillo slowly.
3. Blunts are highly adaptable when compared to other, less mobile smoking methods like a bong or dabbing.