How ToHow to roll a joint?

How to roll a joint?


Are you a beginner and looking for a beginner-friendly step-by-step guide on how to roll a joint? We have got you covered. Hang in here and learn the easiest possible steps to roll a joint. Do you wish to become a stoner, and you haven’t got hands-on rolling perfect, crisp, and clean joints yet? Sigh. Sure, you get pre-rolled joints at different dispensaries, but could that help to add fun to your joint sessions? We doubt it. If you don’t roll it, you don’t roll either. By the end of this article, you will master the art of rolling a joint. But, what is a joint?

What is a joint?

A joint is cannabis hand-rolled into a cigarette. Likewise, tobacco and cannabis rolled into a cigarette is called Spliff, if a cigar is hollowed out and stuffed with cannabis it becomes blunt. 

What do you need to roll a joint?

Before we get into how to roll a joint, it is essential to know how you need your cannabis to be before it could be rolled. What do you need to roll a joint? A paper and some cannabis? Yes. One ought to consider this as it but the real struggle is grinding the weed. You may get a grinder to finely grind your cannabis, but it can prompt a joint that winds up being difficult to hit and gets hindered with resin. It is however advised to roughly roll your joint. Apart from that get a better quality rolling paper and even better if you get a rolling tray. That’s it! Let’s get into how to roll a joint.

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How to roll a joint Step by step guide

Here is your ultimate step-by-step guide on how to roll a joint.

Step.1 Grind your cannabis

Ready to roll? Not yet. First, you are required to grind your cannabis. As mentioned above, you can use a grinder, available in markets, to grind your cannabis. You can either finely grind it or roughly grind it. There are multiple options at your disposal, it is your call to choose from. If you are new at it, we suggest trying different ways to grind and decide for yourself which one you like better.

Step.2 Fill the joint

Now fill the paper with the product you get after grinding the cannabis. You can use a filter too. Use one hand to hold the paper and the other hand to evenly distribute the cannabis onto the paper. ALERT! Use good quality paper. A lot of beginners use bongs, which is acceptable, but it eliminates the flavor you get with paper. Also, do not roll your joint with flat bellies. Practice makes it perfect.

Step.3 Roll it to Roll it!

Ensure that the adhesive-coated side is away from you, pick up the cannabis-filled paper, and start packing it. It is fairly okay if some flowers fall you can pick them up later on. Use your thumbs and index finger in a twisting motion to evenly distribute the bud and weed it into a  cylinder-like shape. It ought not to be so tight to hinder air passage and not lose that it will burn unevenly.

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Step.4 Last touch-ups

Once you are done rolling the paper, take any slim pen or anything that helps with pinching the buds towards the mouthpiece. This is the point where you can add back any of the buds that had previously fallen.

Step.5 Seal the meal!

The last step to how to roll a joint: Twist the leftover part of the paper to shut the paper off. Once you are done sealing the mouthpiece, the joint is ready to get you stoned!

Now you know How to roll a joint. You may light your hard work, and smoke the highness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

How to roll a joint without a filter?

Roll the paper around a straw or pen, let it dry, and afterward, stuff the paper with weed. This is how it is done without a roller or channels, the least demanding technique that expects practically zero ability.


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