How to Setup Your Brand New Laptop Like a Professional

brand new laptop

A brand new laptop can’t guarantee an efficient-working device. An improper configuration can lead to problems in the system. You can experience a malfunctioning system, malware infection, and data loss.

With this, laptop users need to know the proper ways to set up their devices. Applying the correct configuration brings the best laptop experience from your device. You can enjoy a fast and seamless performance from your device, too.

Keep reading and learn different procedures to set up your brand-new laptop.

Check Accessories and Warranty Documents

Registration and warranty documents are essential when buying electronic items.

A warranty refers to a contract between the seller and buyer. It states the manufacturer must repair or replace the item if found not working as described. Most warranties last a year from the date of sale.

You can find these documents helpful in times of problem. For example, the manufacturer can trace your laptop using its serial number when lost.

A brand new laptop comes in with several accessories. It includes a power cord, adapter, and a battery if not built-in. Accessories are essential materials needed to make your laptop work.

Ensure the sales representative put everything inside the box. You can refer to the images displayed on the site to identify inclusions. Pack and return the laptop when there are missing items.

Set Up Your Account

Windows and Apple encourage a laptop user to set up an account. A user account allows you to access, organize, and separate files from others. You can put a password to protect your account, too.

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An administrator account gives you the power to make changes to the device. You can improve the operating system, install software, and manage other accounts.

Most Windows 10 devices recommend you to create a Microsoft account instead of a local user. Disconnect your device from any internet connection to skip the Microsoft registration. The device would direct you to the local user registry.

Input a name and password for your account. Then, you must create a security question and provide an answer.

For Mac users, you need to use your Apple ID. You can make your Apple account if you don’t own one. Apple devices allow you to create an ID for free during setup.

Update the Operating System

It’s necessary to update the operating system of your device on the first boot. The brand-new laptop can run an older OS when you didn’t buy it upon release of the model. Installing new updates protects your device from any cybersecurity issues.

It provides you with the latest features available, enhancing your laptop performance.

Locate the “Update & Security” settings to upgrade your device. Hit it and select the “Windows Update” option. Then, choose “Check for updates.”

Your brand-new laptop would start downloading updates. Expect to restart your device to install any changes.

Go to the “System Preferences” on your Apple menu if you’re a Mac user. Select the “Software Update” option. Then, choose “Upgrade Now” to install updates.

Remove Bloatware Apps

Bloatware applications refer to pre-installed software on your device. You’d find most of these apps unnecessary. Leaving the software can consume space and slow down laptop performance.

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Most Windows laptops install third-party software. However, other types of laptops don’t put unnecessary files.

Go to your Windows settings and find the “System” option. Select the “Apps & Features” found on the left menu. Then, choose bloatware you want to remove from the system.

You can use your Launchpad or Finder to remove unwanted applications from your Mac. The launchpad allows you to uninstall apps downloaded from the app store. Use the Finder to remove the software from unknown resources.

Choose and hold on to the bloatware from your launchpad to uninstall. An “x” icon shows up from the top-left corner of the app and starts moving. Click on the “x” and a notification would confirm if you want it deleted.

Find the unnecessary app on the Finder. You can drag the software to the Trash icon to uninstall it. Input the Apple ID for the administrator if the system asks you for an email and password.

Install Antivirus

It’s vital to install extra security on your brand-new laptop. With this, install one before surfing the web. Malware lurks around cyberspace, and a single click can lead to an infected system.

Your laptop would be prone to different cybercrimes, too. Antivirus refers to software on your system providing real-time protection on your device. It scans, recognizes, and removes viruses.

Windows provide a built-in antivirus called Microsoft Defender Antivirus, whereas Apple uses XProtect. However, a single protective software isn’t enough. You can look for the best antivirus for Mac or Windows.

Back-up Data

System crashing or a failing hard drive is inevitable with the continuous use of your device. Backing up your files from the start prevents lost data. Windows and Apple provide many data backup options to their users.

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One of the applications you can use for Windows is OneDrive. Most Windows laptops got OneDrive installed in their system. You need a Microsoft account to access the drive.

Open the app and go to its “Help & Settings.” Then, select “Settings” to access the panel options. Shift to the “Backup” option and choose “Manage backup.”

A new window lets you choose files to back up, such as pictures, documents, and desktops. Hit “Start Backup” to begin syncing files. OneDrive would continue to back up added files on selected folders.

Apple users can use their iCloud to back up files. Locate your Apple ID from the System Preferences and select iCloud. Then, you can choose apps and files to sync with your iCloud.

Syncing your Mac to your iCloud allows you to access files from any Apple device you own. Connect to the internet to start backing up files.

Setting Up Your Brand New Laptop

Setting up your brand new laptop allows you to add personal preferences. You can learn the different ways to protect it, too. With this, it provides extra knowledge on the proper use of your laptop.

Try applying these procedures for a better laptop experience. You can visit and check our website for more helpful articles!

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