How to spoiler on discord

How to spoiler on discord

How to spoiler on discord to hide content from other users? Is that what you are looking for? Hang in here. Although Discord allows you to adorn your messages with emoticons, gifs, and images, several users are unaware of How to Spoiler on discord using Markdown formatting features to generate more distinctive effects.

Before we go into How to Spoiler on discord, let’s first define Discord. People use Discord to connect with communities. You join a chat server or establish one and invite others who share your interests to it. Discord has various unique features that are not available on other chat services. Spoiler Tags are one of them.

Discord developers learned that people were searching for “How to Spoiler on discord,” so they made it very simple to add spoiler tags that block off whatever text the writer chooses to input.

There are many ways of How to Spoiler on discord. Take a look at both options below and choose the one that works best for you.

  1. Mark as Spoiler: 

How to Spoiler on discord is now easier than ever thanks to Discord’s newest feature. You can highlight the text and right-click on the part after typing a message (but before sending it). This brings up the opportunity to add a spoiler tag.

Tap “Mark as Spoiler.”

When you’re done, two vertical pipes will appear on opposite sides of the selected content. This means that unless you click to reveal the content, other people will be unable to see it.

  1. Using Markdown:

Another option to learn about how to spoiler on discord is using Markdown. To add spoiler tags in Markdown, simply type your statement and surround it with two bars on either side. To type these vertical bars, use the keyboard command “Shift + Backslash.”

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These bars will ensure that your message is concealed within a spoiler tag, requiring others to click to reveal the content.

To understand how to spoiler on discord, you must first learn that when you place the spoiler between two sets of double pipes, the words that make up the spoiler phrase will only be seen to other Discord members who click on the phrase to expand and read what it says. Those who do not wish to reveal the spoiler can just stop clicking on the spoiler phrase.

How to use spoilers on discord: Spoiler Tags

On a Computer: 

The first method for how to spoiler on discord is to add spoiler tags to your computers.

  • Highlight the particular part of the message you wish to mark as a spoiler in a conversation.
  • Right-click it and choose “Mark as spoiler.”
  • Please send the message.
  • The spoiler text will now be obscured by a black box.

On IOS and Android:

This is a unique solution of how to spoiler on discord that works for both the Android and iOS Discord apps.

  • Launch the Discord app and launch a chat.
  • Wrapping the content in bars ||Insert spoiler|| will cause it to show as a spoiler.

Alternative Procedure (iOS only)

  • Highlight the message and long-press on it within the chat.
  • Choose the “Mark as spoiler” option.

If you’re still unsure about how to spoiler on discord, check out this video.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

In Discord, how do you add a spoiler tag to a picture?

1. Open the Discord desktop app or browser.
2. Choose the image or video you want to send to the server.
3. Drag & drag it into your server chat.
4. Then, tap the ‘+’ icon.
5. Choose ‘Mark as Spoiler’ from the options that display.
6. Press the Upload button.
7. As a result, a blurry image is sent to the server. Anyone who wants to view the image can do so by tapping on it.

How to disable the spoiler tag?

You might want to delete the spoiler tag from the spoiler texts for some reason. In that case, go to the User Settings menu and select Text & Images. Scroll down to the Show Spoiler Content tab to see controls for when spoiler content is displayed. You have the option of displaying on click, on servers, I moderate, or constantly.

To turn off the spoiler tag, select Always if you want to see all spoiler content. If you change your mind, you may conceal them again from the same option.