Importance of Intro Video and How to Make It

Intro Video

The well-known formula for success is to stay loyal to the expectations of your audience while making user-friendly videos. When it comes to videos, “user-friendly” refers to creating videos with a distinct beginning. The need for an “Intro” becomes clear at this stage. An Intro is the visuals that appear at the opening of a video. An intro seems to allow you to create a first impression.

Creating content has never been simpler than it is now, thanks largely to a slew of great intro creation applications. Despite the availability of these intro makers, there are various considerations to bear in mind before starting to make videos for a target audience.

The requirement for excellent tools that provide proper introductions to your videos, also known as intros, is at the top of the list. Content makers may use numerous low-cost solutions that are unquestionably worth their time and effort. In the field of content development, the services of an intro maker are quite valuable. The purpose of this article is to take readers through the importance of Intro Videos and how to make them.

Importance of Intro Video

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should pay particular attention to your video intro each time you publish it:

  • It helps to improve the professional image

Today’s audience is used to seeing professionally produced videos from professional environments with attention-grabbing intros. In your intro, you must use modern design aspects to keep your video production up to date and meet your viewers’ expectations.

  • Footage for the Branded Intro

Using an intro maker is a fantastic way to maintain uniformity in your content. Additionally, it will assist you in developing your channel branding. It is impossible to overstate the value of branding in marketing campaigns—branding aids in the development of customer loyalty.

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Incorporating your brand’s introduction into all of your videos increases the likelihood that viewers will remember you if they come across your brand in another context. By releasing information frequently in a recognizable manner, you may assist your customers in developing favorable expectations of your company. This easily translates into confidence that, given enough time, a regular and loyal audience will be formed.

Incorporating branded information footage allows your devoted viewers to identify your work quickly, preventing them from defecting to your competitors. Also crucial is the branding, since it helps ensure that your viewers remember the video, which is very useful when they need to recommend it to someone else.

Even if people forget the actual content and the title of the video, they remember your branded material will assist them in finding your channel.

  • Video Marketing is gaining ground

Video marketing has become a massive internet phenomenon that only increases in popularity. Because everyone today is competing for user attention, companies and content providers must emphasize traditional video production methods by using an Intro Video.

 It is possible that deviating from the present format will result in a high likelihood of rejection by the audience. Furthermore, several technological tools are available, such as InVideo, a YouTube intro maker that alleviates the stress associated with creating visually appealing intros.

What makes an excellent video intro?

The use of a title sequence at the beginning of a video does not make enough sense in this case. Let’s look at some most important steps you should take while designing and developing it.

  • Remember to keep your video intro to a minimum

The finest introductions are between three and seven seconds in length. Some of the most effective video intros, on the other hand, may go up to 20 or 30 seconds.

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The most significant piece of advice is to make your video introduction as long as necessary. Please don’t make it any shorter or any longer than it is supposed to be! You may indeed begin with shorter introductions and gradually prolong them if the situation calls for it later on.

  • Be succinct and to the point

One of the most common blunders is spending excessive time demonstrating and explaining what the video is about. It frequently manifests itself in excessively extended music or two additional sentences.

How to Make an Intro Video

When it comes to creating Intro Videos on Android devices, the InVideo app is one of the most user-friendly options available. Making a video introduction is a simple procedure that everyone can do. Simple video editing tools and a library of video intro templates are all that’s needed to complete. The best online video maker, InVideo, provides over 4,000 design templates for intros and a basic editor for customizing any template. 

Step 1: Select a video intro template for your video: This stage may be completed by selecting any one of the templates available in the library.

Step 2: Add the intro template to the timeline: The video intro template should be dragged from the library to the timeline. 

Step 3: Choose an audio/sound effect and include it in the Intro: Are you looking to spice up the intro video even more? Your video will be more identifiable if you include audio in the introduction. Track any appropriate background music or sound effects that you may utilize in the intro. Once you’ve discovered it, drag and drop it onto the audio track underneath the video to make it play.

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Step 4: Insert text or a logo into the intro video: In the intro video, you may include your channel name, business name, or other branding components to make people aware of your channel and increase brand recognition.

Step 5: Add the custom Intro to your library: Right-click the intro media group on the timeline and choose “Add to Library.” Set up a folder in which the intro will be kept. After that, you may use the personalized Intro as a template for any other videos you make in the future.


Creating an Intro Video is a time-consuming activity that comprises numerous steps, including drafting the script, shooting, editing, and lastly, administering your channel. All of these procedures are critical considerations that must be addressed with integrity.

Creating a video introduction cannot be accomplished in a day. And not everyone has the necessary abilities to produce videos consistent with their channel’s style and identity. An Intro Video must be visually stunning and informational, as it will be seen before all of your videos.