Is Alex from Stardew Valley unambitious or unconventional?

Alex  Stardew Valley is another NFC who is available in the game to choose from as a marriage partner. One of the amusing features of this game is that it gives a platform for marital relations too. Isn’t it crazy? But the hassle is the same as in real life. You need to look for the right partner through different means.

And in this game, your only gateway to getting a partner is through giving them gifts. Like Haley, he is a staggeringly youthful personality that appears to have graduated from high school just now.

This is reflected as a part of Alex stardew valley character, side interests, and surprisingly in his overall disposition. Like most characters living around there, however, Alex stardew valley has more to him than simply being a secondary school sports star. Indeed, numerous players will be shocked by exactly how profound his story curve goes.

Alex Stardew Valley – Gift Guide

Alex Stardew Valley and his favorite Gifts

Like another NFC, the way to Alex’s heart is by giving him gifts. So, you have to look for his likes and dislikes to please him and get points. Alex loves Salmon dear and Complete Breakfast, and it gets you a handsome 80 friendship points. For things that he likes, for example, Universal Likes and Eggs – Excluding Void Eggs, you get handsome 45 friendship points.

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Alex Stardew Valley and his not-so liked Gifts

You also get negative points if you rage at Alex stardew valley in anger for sending inappropriate gifts. You get a Minus 20 Friendship Points for giving him things that he dislikes, for example, Universal Dislikes, Salmonberry, and Wild Horseradish. And a Minus 40 Friendship Points if you send him things that he hates, for example, Universal Hates, Quartz, and Holly.

What Romance options do you get with Alex?

When you get specific points of friendship, you additionally get new hearts from Alex. These hearts open romantic events. 

Alex Stardew Valley and Heart Events

Two Hearts 

Two hearts event is when you Go to the seashore on a radiant climate day to meet Alex. He will disclose his fantasy to be a professional athlete. You need to affirm his goals.

Four Hearts 

For Alex stardew valley four hearts, it happens between 9 am and 4 pm. This is the place where Alex’s story really begins to come somewhat more profound as he will uncover his abusive father and departed mother. 

Five Hearts 

Visit Alex at his home. This time Alex will enlighten you concerning his absence from reading books for a while, and you will actually want to comfort him. Comforting him gets you 50 friendship points.

Six Hearts 

This also takes place at Alex’s home. This time he will open up about his rude behavior. 

Eight Hearts 

This scene can happen if it’s on a bright day in summer. The player should go to the seashore, where they will discover Alex on the seashore crying. He will disclose to you it’s the day his mom departed and how much he misses her.

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Ten Hearts 

This time Alex will send the player a letter via the post office. A while later, he invites you to the Saloon around  7 pm to 10 pm. In this event, Alex will admit his inclination to the player since the start. 


Alex stardew Valley profoundly thinks often about his significant other/spouse after marriage, makes statements that are empowering and cherishing, and he wishes to be a decent dad when you have children. Leaving his work was his personal choice. Individuals will in general discourage him altogether too rapidly however in the wake of seeing his entire being scenes—understanding what he’s experienced, understanding what he endeavors to be, and seeing that he knows his weaknesses and needs to fix them—Alex stardew valley seemed like the most ideal NFC.

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