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Kea Peahu was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on October 12, 2007. She is a child actor and a dancer as well in the USA. Peahu gained recognition for her extraordinary dancing abilities when her video with her dance trainer went viral all over social media in 2015.

An actor and dancer from early childhood, Kea Peahu appeared in the famous Netflix ‘Finding Ohana’, and in well-known shows all over the world such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bizaardvark, Hollywood First Look Features, and Lip Sync Battle Shorties.

Kea Peahu is the daughter of Sanoi Peahu (mother) and Jesse Jones (father) and has a younger brother (Hiro) as well as an older sister (Mi). And she is single but too young to be someone’s girlfriend, kidding!

Professional life

The Netflix movie Finding Ohana made a big splash on January 29, 2021, when Kea Peahu played the lead role. The fun fact is that Kea Peahu has around 85k followers on Instagram and is a Tiktoker as well but both of her accounts are controlled by her parents. Before Finding Ohana, she earned lots of love on Instagram after uploading a dancing video of her as an 8-year old which became a means for her to attend the Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Although earned fame from a young age, Kea Peahu became more prominent after her top-notch debut in the Netflix series ‘Finding Ohana’. To late-night TV fans, Kea Peahu was already a rising star due to her prevalent visits to the Ellen DeGeneres’ show. If you did not know earlier, this kid has worked extremely hard to step up to where she is today, so do give her a moment of ovation! 

Apart from that, at the age of 10, Kea Peahu became a common name in Hawaii since she appeared on channel KHON-2 to demonstrate her steps which obtained her a place in Jennifer Lopez, Becky-G, J-Hope, Taboo, and Chris Brown’s music videos as a background dancer. Sounds inspiring right? Who gets to star in videos of such renowned artists every year anyway?

Kea Peahu – net worth

Currently, Kea Peahu has a net worth of around $10000 to $1 million. As a successful movie actress, Kea Peahu earns most of her money from movie roles, and with her determination and love for acting, Peahu looks forward to excelling as a young dancer and actress.  

Dance band of Kea Peahu

She used to be a member of the dance troupe called The Lab when she was interviewed by the local news. According to some sources Kea Peahu is still part of her dancing crew and takes it seriously as her acting career. She still has homework to do, chores to do, and video games to play when she’s not dancing or filming audition tapes for acting roles.

‘World of Dance’

The World of Dance is a dance show where Kea Peahu participated along with her crew, The Lab in season 1 and almost made it to the finals. Despite her packed schedule, Kea Peahu continues to upload dancing videos on her Instagram. Kea is no stranger to entertaining. Later in the second season of the show, Kea Peahu won it and since then has made several appearances on TV as an actress as well as a dance partner with Justin Bieber on his Purpose Tour and Jennifer Lopez’s It’s my party tour. 

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Kea Peahu’s dancing career had its first shot at the age of only 3 when she ruled the stage with ballet, tap, and jazz dancing. When she was four, Kea Peahu joined the notable hula halau, Ka La Onohi Mai o Haehae, under the direction of the couple, Tracie and Keawe Lopes. She developed a love for music and dance that led her next journey into hip hop with Hypersquad for Life in Hawaii. Hula and soccer were not all she did; she also played tennis, golf, and swimming. She and her mom moved to California in 2015 so that Kea could pursue her dream of becoming a dancer and actress. Ellen DeGeneres viewers were mesmerized by Kea Peahu after she stated to dogs that she dreamt of becoming a professional dancer.

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Fun facts about Kea Peahu

  • Kea Peahu’s favorite Netflix series is The Vampire Diaries 
  • Before adding milk to her cereal, she drinks it first. Weird right? 
  • Kea Peahu enjoys listening to loud music when driving late at night with friends
  • Kea Peahu’s dream car is a Maserati MC 20
  • Her favorite rapper is 6ix9ine 
  • Kea Peahu is endlessly trying to appear in a horror film
  • The actress went on a world tour with Jennifer Lopez while on the It’s My Party Tour
  • Kea Peahu isn’t fond of fish, but she loves fishing 
  • She enjoys skateboarding during her free time
  • Her animal companions are as precious to her as her children
  • Her Instagram account mentions that she also owns a pet dog named ‘King’ that also has its own Instagram page
  • Kea Peahu uploads her dance videos on her own YouTube link 

Finding Ohana | plot

Finding Ohana is the Netflix show that has earned Kea Peahu the platform she awaited to achieve ever since she began her acting career. In Finding ‘Ohana, Kea Peahu plays the main character and travels to Hawaii with her brother to find the elusive treasure of her family which seems to be their hidden past in a lifetime journey.

Her real-life family has deep roots in Hawaiian culture, and she said she was grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about it while portraying someone of Hawaiian heritage.

Several Hawaii natives have moved and worked on these movies, so she’s thankful she was able to participate in such a rare opportunity. She’s also glad that this movie puts Hawaii out there and that people can see it and learn a few lessons when they watch.’ You can watch the trailer on this link:

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Peahu’s interview with Island Pacific Academy

On July 12th, 2021, Kea Peahu was invited to a reunion via Zoom meeting with her former middle school which she attended with Finding Ohana’s director, Jude Weng, and got a chance to share her insights and experiences in the showbiz industry with everyone in a Q&A session.

Kea Peahu was a former student at the Island Pacific Academy in Grades 1-2 and then she moved to Los Angeles with her parents to pursue her dance and acting career. According to her statement, the composition of Finding Ohana resonates with the generosity of spirit, kindness, and developing community spirit.

Lovely, peaceful, and with a sense of appreciation, Kea Peahu shared that her mother supported her move away from Kapolei and her dream of going to Hawaii. As the interviewer asked her about the experience, Kea Peahu recalled one day when she was with her mom in the car and heard about an acting event on the radio. Her mom suggested she take part in it to start from afresh.

The actress realized how much she liked acting as it was her first time doing it. Her mother was told that it would be extremely difficult for her to take care of me if she lived in Hawaii – so she decided to move us from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Since then, the decision paid her off well and today, her successes are an inspiration to many of her former classmates with whom Peahu was able to share valuable pieces of advice, “You should not be afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone, ” she quoted.

For example, if you’re shy, that’s something you have to overcome if you wish to be an actor,” she said. Do not allow anyone to interrupt you. After all, the only person who can stop you is you. The most difficult thing for you is to face yourself. You cannot let anyone’s opinion or what they say hinder the pursuit of your dreams.” “You must believe in yourself and you cannot let anyone’s opinion or words stop you.” Likewise, director Jude Weng stressed the importance of believing in oneself.

“I value you for placing value on this in itself, ” Weng said. “Your ideas, where you come from, and your background – these are all valuable parts of who you are,” she shared. In the 21st century, creativity is vital because you are unique, as are all different generations. Creating right now does not require anyone’s permission – you have the power of creativity. It’s exciting to see what you can create when you have that power and uniqueness. The workshop will hopefully inspire people to find creative ways to express themselves.

” The findings, written by Christina Strain, have been incorporated into a creative writing scholarship at the University of Hawaii at Manoa created by Weng and Strain after filming. It was produced in hopes that it would encourage other Hawaiians to tell the story of Hawaii with pride. Weng explained that she hopes the movie conveys the message that it’s never too late to discover your heritage and appreciate it. “I think family values and appreciation for one’s heritage and family are timeless, and that is a timeless message.”

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“Throughout her journey, someone supported Kea de la Cruz-Swauger 25, and her sacrifices gave me hope,” Kiana de la Cruz-Swauger shared. She has the confidence that IPA is there to support her. Glad she had this opportunity in her life.” IPA is here to help her.”

Assured that Kea Peahu would see her again, Shastine Sirivattha ’25 appreciated that. “After a long time of friendship, I was glad to see her reconnect with her friends at IPA. The experience of watching Kea’s growth as a person was beneficial, said Joshua Figueroa ’25. It reminded me of how good a friend she was that day that we first met. She still shows the same humbleness and generosity.”

To inspire her students to pursue their dreams, Ruth Babas tells her students Kea’s story often. We all should live in Kea’s light and be inspired to do the best that we can best and that is the message I continue to share with all of our students,” she explained. The opportunity to connect with students and share our passion is extremely fulfilling. Peahu doesn’t get to visit Hawaii as often as she would like, but her appetite for local cuisine hasn’t diminished. Spicy poke, SPAM musubi, and fried noodles are pretty much my favorites!” she remarked. 

Check out the entire Q&A session on this link:

Finding Ohana Sequel 2 

‘Finding ‘Ohana’ is Jude Weng’s debut feature film. This Hawaiian culture film celebrates Hawaiian tradition. After their grandfather Kimo suffers a heart attack, siblings Pili and Ioane return to Oahu, Hawaii, with their mother Leilani.

When Ioane arrives at the island, he finds out that Leilani is considering selling their Brooklyn apartment to pay off Kimo’s debt and permanently relocating there. A conquistador treasure trove might be discovered in an old journal Pili finds. Seeing that Pili is familiar with geocaching and that she might find treasure is immediately exciting, Pili is immediately drawn to it.

He follows his sister as soon as he realizes where she has gone. The siblings gradually learn the value of their family as they search for Spanish gold with the help of Hana and Casper. Film reviewers have greatly praised the film since its release, leading to speculations about the possibility of a sequel.

And that’s all that’s been updated for the sequel of Finding Ohana. We hope to see Kea Peahu do wonders in it again and delight the viewers with her remarkable acting skills. If we get more information about Kea Peahu and the sequel of Finding Ohana, we’ll surely post it at the latest. Until next time!

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