Live Dealer Casino Games – A Fusion Of Old & New

Live Dealer Casino Games – A Fusion Of Old & New

As technology progresses rapidly into a fully digital and online era, things like ‘convenience’, ‘connectivity’, ‘efficiency’, and ‘variety’ have all been a major driving force. Online casinos in particular have had major success in all of these aspects, becoming the leading form of gambling entertainment around the world. 

Millions of people now enjoy playing a huge variety of online casino games on a daily basis. However, as is often the case when things change too quickly, many still miss the atmosphere and excitement of the traditional land-based casinos experience. That’s where the live dealer comes in.

What is it and how does it work?

Putting it simply, live dealer casino games use streaming technology to basically live-stream an actual real-life dealer directly to your device, such as a smart phone, tablet, or PC. The live dealer sits at a real casino table, usually in a classy casino setting, and operates your game of choice according to your instruction. You can simply speak to the dealer, otherwise there are also various options on the screen, and everything operates much like other online casino games. 

Why? What are the benefits?

Live dealer casino games have a number of unique benefits that have made them increasingly popular.

  • Having a live dealer simplifies things and makes it easier and more convenient to play.
  • The friendly live dealer and casino setting adds a pleasing sense of atmosphere and immersion that many prefer over regular digital casino games.
  • Likewise, having an actual person to talk to adds a more human and social element.
  • A live dealer negates the need to use an RNG, random number generator, a common mechanism for simulating chance in digital games and applications. Though a trusted industry method, some still prefer the use of real cards, dice, and roulette wheels.
  • Otherwise, it’s combined with many of the same benefits and conveniences of digital online casino games, including the common secure online payment methods.
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What Games Are Offered?

Basically, every game that would usually involve a dealer at a land-based casino, can be found in live dealer form. This includes poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, hi lo, and at some casino sites, even bingo.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

While the drawbacks are few, there are a couple of things that could make live dealer casinos slightly less convenient for some.

  • Because actual people and casino equipment is involved, tables and games may not be available as immediately and frequently as regular digital online games.
  • Strong and steady internet is required at all times, as any buffering or loss in connection could lead to mishap.

Where To Find Them?

Live dealer casino games can be found at trusted, licensed sites like Lucky Creek casino. If you search for these games online, you’ll also get hundreds of results. Just be sure to check out reviews though and do a bit of research before signing up.

In general, though, you might find that most live dealer games, because they have such high production costs, and also want to continue to entice new players, have a fairly high standards of quality. A cherry on top for this exciting and innovative trend.