Our affiliate programs for gambling relevant in 2022

The gambling industry is developing more and more actively, and every day the number of interested users (players) is growing exponentially. Therefore, many online gambling companies offer affiliate programs (APs). They allow you to quickly and without large financial investments get new customers.

Affiliate (aka affiliate) programs have existed for a short time, and their relevance is increasing since the majority of people spend 70% of their time on the Internet. This means that the Internet is the most profitable niche for promoting and selling goods, including in the gambling industry, the demand for which is not falling, but growing all over the world.

Working principle and advantages

After the prolonged pandemic and the events of 2022, many business owners are moving into the online sphere. Advertising is essential for fast promotion. The most effective way is to find a working affiliate program in a similar industry.

The owner of the product (offer) gives his links to the partner so that he can post them on his blog, store, or Telegram channel. Then it remains to wait until users start to follow the link, watch and take actions (registration, first deposit, etc.). This method of advertising works quickly and attracts only the target audience. The costs are minimal, since the owner of the product pays the partner only for attracted users, and not for the fact that the ad just hangs on the site.

Affiliate programs in 2022 have already reached the top among all forms of advertising. It is not difficult to find a PP under suitable conditions now, the niche is large, so there are a lot of interested people. Thus, affiliate betting partners Parimatch can cooperate on one of several models (CPA, RS, Hybrid). There are options for quick earnings, as well as a model for fans of long-term prospects.

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Ways to profit from PP

Payment options are a key factor when choosing a partner and affiliate program. There are two payment methods:

  • CPA is the most common and loved by many models due to its quick profit. Its essence is to receive a fixed amount for each completed action. In the case of gambling, this is the user making the first deposit, less often it is just registering on the office’s website. The partner will receive a fee only if the user, by clicking on the link, performs the agreed action. This model is not expensive for the business owner (gambling sites) and is convenient for the partner. for more details visit here Cricket ID.
  • RS is a model with a long-term perspective, where the profit is not one-time, but permanent. For example, a partner will receive a certain percentage of the profit from each specific player who was brought to the site by a link. This is beneficial for the affiliate, because many gamblers, having replenished their account once, do it further, so the gambling site will have to deduct interest to the partner constantly for the agreed period. If a link within the PP brought a lot of users to the site, then the affiliate’s income will be regular and large.

There is also a hybrid model, in which the affiliate is offered both a percentage of the RevShare model and a fixed amount of the Cost Per Action model. The size of these numbers varies depending on the owner of the gambling site, as well as geography. For offices from the CIS countries, the offer for the CPA model does not exceed $100, and in Tier-1 countries (Australia, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic) this amount fluctuates around $300. The same dynamics are observed in the RS model.

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You should not look only at profit and try to enter a large market. It is better to start cooperation gradually, all the time finding more profitable partners. Then it will be possible to understand in more detail the principles of operation of affiliate programs and their conditions in different countries.

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