State without an a riddle | what is it?

State without an a riddle has proven to be a challenging riddle for many people out there. Often forwarded through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp, State without an a riddle has become a daily task for folks who wanted a spice-up in their boring lives. Let’s examine the riddle then. 

State without an a riddle | easy solution

So, the statement says, ‘state without an a riddle’, now most of you might start to brainstorm states which do not have an ‘a’ in between. For example, Ohio, Kentucky, Egypt, and a lot more guesses. However, look carefully fellows because the riddle states, ‘state without an a riddle’, if you break down the sentence into the state without an a, you may be able to figure out the answer a bit easier.

Notice something now? Wouldn’t state without an a mean the word ‘state’ without an ‘a’? Well, if this is how you look at it, you’re a genius who easily solved the state without an a riddle. But even if you couldn’t then that’s what we’re here to help you with.

State without an a riddle is therefore quite easy to guess if you read the statement carefully as it doesn’t ask you to find a state without an a but it states without an a riddle; of course to most of you state without an a riddle will sound more tricky especially if you didn’t pay attention to how the answer was within the question and just kept adding states without an a to your list of answers. 

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Misconceptions for State without an a riddle explained

You won’t expect the person who uploaded this riddle to mention state a letter without an a right? Of course, the reader needs to be given clues and hints to come up with a solid answer as it would otherwise make it too easy for you to solve. So, now you realize that the answer to state without an a riddle is ‘stte’? Yup! It’s that simple fellows.

The answer could even be “solid” or “liquid,” as those are solid and liquid states of matter, respectively (as opposed to gas). But the riddle is not asking for the name of a state, but only for ‘state without an a.’ You were only supposed to remove the alphabet a and there you’d have your solution within the statement of the question.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Name a state without an e riddle

The answer would be stat. This is because the riddle never asked to name a state, but if you change the statement to, ‘state without an e’ then you’d find out that the real answer is stat indeed. If you want to find out more about this riddle, check out this article:

What is a state without an A?

Stte. This is the answer to the ‘state without an a riddle’ that is also discussed in the article above in detail.

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