SUGOI DEKAI MEANING and How to use it?

SUGOI DEKAI MEANING has been in the trending feeds for a while now and it is directed towards the character Uzaki-chan in the anime adaptation Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out!’ SUGOI DEKAI MEANING in English translates to ‘ SO BIG’, ‘SO HUGE’, ‘SO EXCEPTIONAL’. The word SUGOI “DEKAI” translates to ‘SO BIG’ because Uzaki-chan wears it across her breast, it is an allusion referring to her busty physique.

What is Sugoi Dekai meaning in English?

Sugoi Dekai meaning: Sugoi dekai is made up of two Japanese words, Sugoi and Dekai. There are numerous correct interpretations in English, including “so big,” “so huge,” “very big,” “very big,” “gigantic,” and “extremely big.”

Sugoi Dekai meaning in English refers to an adjective that can be used in a sentence if you witness something amazing or wonderful. It translates to “(That is) awesome!”, “(That is) amazing!”, “(That is) great!”, “(That is) wonderful!”, or “(That is) terrific!” in English.

What is Sugoi Dekai meaning in Japanese?

In Japanese hiragana, which is the phonetic spelling form of Japanese, the Japanese word Sugoi dekai meaning ‘so big’ is addressed by the characters すごい でかい. Straightforwardly, the word Sugoi Dekai meaning  “it’s gigantic” or “so enormous” in English. Nonetheless, like the English word “incredible,” which can likewise mean colossal or enormous, its most normal use is to signify something as stunning or superb. 

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Hiragana is a phonetic composing framework in Japanese like katakana, dissimilar to kanji. Kanji is a series of images to address whole thoughts, expressions, or words. As per Nihongo Master, the kanji can have different implications or articulations relying upon their unique situation.

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Overall the expression Sugoi Dekai meaning nothing but incredible in English. The two of them mean huge, or so enormous, however, have received conversational used to mean brilliant, astonishing, or wonderful.

Does Sugoi Dekai meaning ‘So Big’ refer to  Uzaki-chan’s breast size?

It all started with a manga, which premiered in December 2017. Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out!, directed by Kazuya Miura, will premiere in July 2020. Following the film’s debut, several artists began to draw figures wearing Uzaki’s renowned Sugoi dekai clothing. This quickly gained attraction on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Many people objected to the fact that the appearance of Uzaki appeared so young, believing that the artists were sexualizing young girls. Those who thought it was unsuitable frequently took matters into their own hands and began redrawing the character with an older appearance and more realistic anatomy, which led to even more controversy.

Uzaki-chan’s shirt was most likely inspired by a doujin manga book called Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History, which depicts the narrative of two brothers fighting and eventually making out.

The Sugoi Dekai meme typically depicts a lady grasping her enormous cleavage with a frantic smile on her ahegao face, wearing a shirt that says “Mega Milk.”

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Sugoi Dekai meaning in English?

Sugoi Dekai is a Japanese word that translates to “So BIG!”. The phrase became associated with Uzaki Hana of Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out!, a short character with huge breasts in the anime series.

What is Sugoi Dekai meaning in Japanese?

In Japanese, the Sugoi Dekai meaning is the same as in English: ‘SO BIG’

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