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The Internet has become a fantastic place to talk about video games. With popular games like Final Fantasy VII and Monster Hunter: World, you can quickly start a site that talks about the latest gaming news. Various game characters can write on these sites. They can also cover topics not found on traditional gaming media. For instance, you can discuss the latest Team Rainbow Rocket trailer or Aether Foundation press release. Regardless of what you’re interested in, there’s a website or podcast for you.


Gaming news sites are available for the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile platforms. Some of these sites can be a bit controversial, so readers should pay attention to the quality of their content. There are many great gaming websites, but it’s essential to find the right ones for your interests. For example, Destructoid is a tremendous all-around website. They publish articles regularly. Their articles range from reviews and news to previews of upcoming games and opinion pieces.

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In addition to gaming news sites, you can find podcasts that discuss different aspects of the gaming industry. These podcasts are hosted by super-average gamers who are passionate about gaming. Sometimes, the guests of these podcasts are famous movie stars, Twitch Streamers, or PC builders. In each episode, they discuss everything from their favorite games to how they got their first PCs. Some of these podcasts feature interviews with the developers and review the latest games.

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There are also mainstream gaming websites that publish controversial information and are often highly topical. You need to pay close attention to the content on these sites as it may not be relevant to your interests. However, Destructoid is a tremendous all-around website. They publish articles regularly, including reviews, opinion pieces, news articles, and previews of new games. If you are interested in gaming news and would like to learn more about the industry, this is the place for you.

Among the most popular gaming podcasts is Talk about gaming news. Its hosts are super-average gamers and are highly knowledgeable about the latest games. Other guests include actors and Twitch Streamers. The format is prevalent among gamers and is informative, but it’s also entertaining. The show is a must-watch for video games. So many other podcasts offer great information and discussion about the industry.

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Some popular podcasts can be very controversial for those who want more unbiased gaming news. Similarly, you can also listen to a podcast of popular gaming news. The two main podcasts are GameSpot and Destructoid. Both of these publications provide a great deal of information about the industry. The three podcasts are great for gaming news and opinions. They have a wide variety of content that will satisfy you.

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Other popular podcasts feature gaming news. Derp, Morgz, and Guzzy are YouTube content creators and podcasters with over-the-top opinions. The content on their sites is also more in-depth, as they interview a range of guests and have exclusive access to high-quality games. The show is also highly ranked among video game websites. They publish articles about various topics related to gaming. In addition to news, the site has articles with reviews, previews, and opinion pieces.

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Other podcasts covering the gaming industry include Derp, Morgz, and Guzzy. Their podcast, Industry Update, features various topics, including video game news. It also features video content, reviews, previews of new games, and opinion pieces. Some of these podcasts are also incredibly popular and are an excellent resource for gaming-related news. So, go ahead and subscribe to one of them!


If you’re a gamer who loves video games, you should listen to a podcast called Talk about gaming news. The show’s hosts are usually super-average gamers, but they occasionally invite guests with varying expertise. Guests on the show will discuss the latest games, including new consoles, and how they relate to the industry. This podcast isn’t exactly mainstream despite its name, but it’s an excellent source for gaming news.

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