The Best Spots to Enjoy Jazz Music in Fort Worth

There’s nothing like jazz music to calm you down and make your mind swirl along with whatever drink you have in hand.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to pick the best jazz club if you’re new to an area or inexperienced with the jazz scene in general. 

These are the best spots to listen to jazz music in Fort Worth!

Scat Jazz Lounge

The earliest opening location on this list, Scat Jazz Lounge, allows guests in at 7 pm, giving you the chance to enjoy a late dinner with a drink and a show.  The speakeasy-esque environment is fun, and the local and national talent that plays always stuns.  Locals say that the drinks are fantastic, and they love the large range of different acts that come through.  Tourists adore the fun atmosphere and how easy it is to take a great selfie while you’re here.

Pinky’s Champagne Room and Velvet Jazz Lounge

If you’re ready for champagne and good music, it’s time to head to Pinky’s Champagne Room and Velvet Jazz Lounge!  This incredible club has some of the best champagne in the city and is often referred to as the hidden gem of Fort Worth!   Although it’s generally more expensive than other clubs on this list, it’s the highest rated, coming in at 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.  This club is easy to access and a great time for anyone who visits.

Club Ritzy

This jazz club feels like a step back in time to enjoy the best music while surrounded by people who really understand it.  You have to be 27 to get in since Club Ritzy caters to an older crowd.  Not only does this mellow out the vibe of the club, but it allows you to connect better with other listeners instead of having to hear a bunch of young people screaming.  This is an incredible club, within walking distance of apartments for rent in Fort Worth, that anyone would love.

Lola’s Fort Worth

This restaurant and club is a great stop for affordable fun and music.  Styled after a saloon, Lola’s Fort Worth allows you to feel like you’ve wandered into the past.  The music here is heavenly and pairs incredibly well with the awesome drinks and delicious food.  Locals love that there’s an indoor-outdoor space, and most tourists like the saloon look for fun pictures.

Magnolia Motor Lounge

At home in a former garage, Magnolia Motor Lounge is a fun live music venue with drinks, burgers, and more.  This lounge works hard to ensure everyone can have a good time, with an atmosphere that simply can’t be replicated.  Although it’s generally affordable, you’ll want to come back time and time again, and that does add up! 

Fort Worth is a Dream Come True

Whether you’re moving to the area and want some refreshing music or you’re a local trying to find a new haunt, consider checking out some of these musical spots!  You’ll love the talent you find at any of these locations.