The Importance of Art: A Complete Guide

The Importance of Art: A Complete Guide

In 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in Paris, France. 

The theft of the Mona Lisa attracted people’s attention both far and wide. No one could believe someone had pulled off such a dangerous act. Why would someone do that?

Some people even wondered, “What’s the point in stealing a painting?” Even though it’s one of the most famous pieces of art in the world, it’s just a painting. And that’s where things become interesting. 

Art is one of the most powerful influences in the world. Let’s dive deeper into the power and importance of art below. 

Wait, What Is Art?

Ah, yes. That’s the ultimate question. Can one person truly define what makes something art?

In the simplest form, art is the expression of human skill. It could be anything from a painting by Matisse to Tang Dynasty pottery. But art is also ballet performances, written poetry, and interactive sculpture. 

Many people say what defines something as a piece of art is subjective. This means that artistic value is given by the viewer. What someone thinks is art, someone else may think of as trash. 

Why Do Humans Make Art?

Most of us have seen documentation of cave drawings. What looks like stick figures and abstracted animals to us is most likely a form of early art. 

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We don’t know exactly why the cave drawings exist. It could’ve been a form of historical documentation, storytelling, or a simple hobby. 

As the world evolved, art practices evolved with it. Humans discovered oil painting, porcelain, and carving tools. 

Art has been made to document important moments of history and to display the wealth and power of an influential figure. The correlation between the power of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance and the creation of so much art isn’t a coincidence. 

Besides creating art to show power and record history, art has also been made for entertainment. Of course, it would be silly to say that most artists who create for joy don’t also wish their art could provide a lucrative career. 

Looking Closer at the Significance of Art

The very reasons some art is created shows us why art is important. 

Studying art created centuries ago shows us how people lived. It gives a peek into old political structures and social issues. Even the materials used in art provide information about the resources that were available at the time. 

So, if you’re an art skeptic and wondering, “Why is art important?”, keep in mind that art is a window into the past. It’s a reminder of how things once were. 

In some cases, art is important because it’s appealing. Many artists and viewers have reactions to certain patterns, colors, and aesthetics. It’s exciting and/or relaxing to wander around a museum while looking at art. 

Should You Study Art?

It’s important to clarify that ‘studying’ art means different things to different people. 

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Someone may say they study art within a local gallery. They spend long periods of time staring at gallery collections.

They’ll make note of the textures of the surface, used materials, and artistic techniques. It could serve as inspiration for their own practice or provide a calming sensation for their mind. 

Other people who study art look at the history of artworks. They dig deeper into the story of the artist by investigating family history and artistic career. 

Those studying art history also have an interest in how certain pieces tie in with sociopolitical history. Art historians have deep understandings of art movements that have a great effect on the work made today. 

Teachers of art education study art to teach others artistic skills. They may teach how to use certain drawing techniques or how to create multimedia sculptures. 

Starting Your Journey With Art

If you’re interested in discovering what the importance of art means to you, there’s no better time to get started than now. Keep an open mind as you explore art. There are no rights and wrongs. 

Identify What Interests You

Take the time to identify what about art interests you. 

Do you enjoy the history behind art? Would you like to create art? Or do you enjoy viewing it?

Those more interested in art history can read books, do their own research, or dig deeper at local museums. People who want to create art can watch YouTube tutorials or attend a local class.

If you’re someone who just enjoys appreciating the importance of art from a distance, buy a ticket to a local museum or gallery. 

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Invest Time Into Your Interest

No matter what you enjoy doing in the art world, devote time to your interests. It’s proven art brings joy and positive feelings to people. 

Artists gain confidence through strengthening their skills, and many artists find supportive social circles by collaborating with local artists. Art opens doors of opportunity for many people. 

And even if you don’t showcase your interests to the world around you, use art to bring more peace and creativity into your life. There’s something especially soothing about experimenting with materials in your free time. 

Understanding the Importance of Art

It’s difficult to define art. The meaning of art is subjective, but no one can deny the importance of art. 

Art has served as historical documentation, entertainment, and displays of power. Some people create art to fulfill commissions while others make art to find peace. Spend time making the importance of art a personal matter. 

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