Tips On Using Two Way Radios

Tips On Using Two Way Radios

Two way radios, also known as walkie talkies are one way to communicate for work, they enable staff to stay in contact with each other when they’re out working. Two way radios are efficient and they’re more reliable than mobile phones as they don’t run out of battery quickly and they’re durable. Here are some top tips to follow when using two way radios if you haven’t tried them out before. 

Where should you use two way radios? 

Two way radios can be used in all sorts of industries, but particularly for those who work in large teams outside. Train station staff, event teams, and staff on University campuses will benefit from two way radios to communicate in large areas. There are many brands of two way radios in the uk so you will have options to find the best one for you. Any teams that need to deliver short, concise messages would find two way radios advantageous. You can also find two way radios that are wind and waterproof so lifeguards and fishermen out at sea can use them, they will usually be protected if dropped in water. Different brands have different radios so the features will differ. 

Benefits of two way radios

You will need to remember to have your two way radio charged but they have a long battery life which is ideal for those using them all day long. Down to the material two way radios are made from, they are durable and long lasting. There is no better option for communicating in large teams as you can cast messages to many different people by just one click of a button. Most two way radios are noise cancelling and therefore improve communication even more. If you work in events for example, you will need messages to be clear in emergencies as background noise can be disruptive and waste time. 

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Top tips when using the radios

It’s helpful to learn the phonetic alphabet when using two way radios as you might be regularly spelling out words, and the other person will need to know quickly and clearly what you’re talking about. It’s also helpful to have some lingo that your team uses to speed things up in terms of communication, for example, you can use words like ‘over’ and ‘affirmative’ when responding and casting out messages. It’s worth pausing a few seconds before you speak after pressing the button, just to ensure none of your message is lost. 

Depending on the size of your team, you should be mindful of identifying yourself before relaying messages as there could be others sharing the same radio channel. It’s definitely worth thinking about your message before pressing the button as everyone will hear it and nobody can interrupt. Once you start using the radios, you will become more familiar with them and get in the flow of how they work. Two way radios don’t need any training as they are so simple to use, any age person can put one up and use the buttons. 

Now you have some top tips when using two way radios you can decide whether or not you’d like to invest in some for your company. They are a reliable form of communication and can be beneficial in a range of industries.