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Twilight Saga is a film series originally fantasy romance novels written by Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight Saga features Bella Swan, a human teenager whose life becomes a series of twisted events as soon as she moves to Washington. The male protagonist of the Twilight Saga is Edward with whom Bella falls in love after moving to Fork and it’s not in her wildest dreams that he is a vampire. You can watch the trailer for The Twilight Saga at the link given below

Find out more about the cast, plot, and episodes of all parts of Twilight Saga in this article below. For those of you who’ve probably forgotten what was The Twilight Saga exactly, this article will be at your disposal to bring back all of your memories. 

The Twilight Saga is out on Netflix!

Yes, folks! You read that right. The Twilight Saga will now be streamed online on Netflix and the entire Twilight Saga series will be available. We know how much you’ve been waiting for this day to come and it’s no surprise to expect many people to binge-watch this breathtaking series.

Despite the cliffhanger nature of the Twilight Saga, you can spend a great weekend rewatching the movies on Netflix, or discovering them for the first time to determine if they still hold up. You should watch it at least once in your lifetime if you want to glimpse into its cult following. Since The Twilight Saga is a work of Lionsgate, it is observed that Netflix is gathering all of its shows on its highlights and it didn’t make fans wait because the Twilight Saga’s first part is already uploaded on Netflix on 16th of July, 2021. 

According to certain sources, Netflix did not launch the Twilight Saga until the 16th of July, however, it is now available based on the latest updates. Back in 2017, the Twilight Saga was uploaded on Netflix in the USA due to its separate license agreement but this is only possible for the USA and not for other regions so far.

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In a market where mergers and acquisitions are huge, Lionsgate and the Twilight Saga are likely to be appealing purchases for Netflix, and it was hinted since then Lionsgate would be a prime target. No doubt the summer season is a great time to explore your favorite shows again while relaxing at home, what could be better than watching Twilight Saga with not much to do during the pandemic?

Cast of the Twilight Saga

Alice Cullen  
Rosalie Hale
Jasper Hale
Bella Swan
Edward Cullen
Carlisle Cullen

Check out all characters for Twilight Saga under specific categories in the following link: Twilight Saga characters

Twilight Saga – plot

Twilight Saga as discussed earlier is a novel published in 2005. After her mother Renee’s relationship with her new husband, Bella decides to move with her father Charlie to Forks in Washington. In the Twilight Saga,  Bella does not have many friends and on the flip side of the coin, she quickly makes new friends as soon as she moves to Forks and becomes a popular girl amongst boys who always want her attention. Well, Edward goes to the same school too.

Edward’s character is rather unfriendly towards Bella in their first meet-up in the Twilight Saga at their school. He is a handsome and stunning man who meets Bella in Biology class but since then tries his best to avoid Bella by altering his schedules which leaves Bella bewildered about his attitude towards her in the Twilight Saga.

Later, he shortly disappears for some time but then onwards his unfriendly encounter shifts to treating Bella a bit generously. In a fraction of a second, Bella is about to be hit by a vehicle uncontrollable by Tyler Crowley, but Edward appears out of nowhere, stopping the van with one hand which leaves a dent and surprising Bella with his unbeatable rocket speed. 

The Twilight Saga takes a new chapter when Bella meets Jacob Black who belongs to the Quileute family and is tricked into her words for revealing the family of Edward. She finds out from him that Cullens has been living in Forks for 2 years and many citizens think that the family is full of vampires while Jacob doesn’t think like that.

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But Bella’s suspicion over Edward increases when he saves her from another ordeal in the Twilight Saga, and this time it was from a gang of rapists. After their second encounter from a similar incident, Edward opens up to Bella and agrees that he’s a vampire but only relies on animal blood for survival and not other creatures like vampires that are commonly known to humans.

With time, the Twilight Saga turns into a fantasy romantic series as Edward and Bella’s relationship develops entirely into passionate love and affection; even though her scent makes Edward super weak to kill her, they become mighty lovers and manage to stay safe and secure while spending some time together. 

However,  the tables are turned later in the Twilight Saga when a tracker Vampire James decides to hunt and kill Bella that becomes a great interruption between Edward and Bella’s fairytale love story.

James traps Bella by calling her on phone stating he has her mother at her old ballet studio for which Bella could not resist and went there to save the situation but turns out her mother was never kidnapped and was safe where she was and Bella gets into James’ trap successfully.

Later that day Edward with the help of his family saves Bella another time before she gets killed by James although she was attacked by him so the poison had yet to be treated. As his family feels uncomfortable helping out Bella in this matter, Edward is able to suck the venom out without hurting Bella.

Does the Twilight Saga sound interesting to you? Do you want to know more about what happened next? Then don’t wait and start watching the Twilight Saga series from today! 

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If you don’t have a Netflix account, create one and start streaming Twilight Saga online. But if this sounds too expensive to you then you can check out the following links to watch Twilight Saga for free:




You can either watch the series online or download it from these websites and watch it for free.

Twilight Saga | series

Soundtracks of Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga movies coming to Netflix:

  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012)

Possibilities about Twilight Saga

  • Why doesn’t Edward dig deeper if Bella was a vampire because of supernatural powers?
  • How can vampires be good cooks if all they taste is animal blood in Twilight Saga?
  • Why do vampires go to high school anyway?
  • Why are Cullens obsessed with baseball and not animal hunting?
  • Why is breaking into someone’s house not trespassing and considered okay to watch someone sleep from afar?
  • Why do all men rush to save Bella always? Aren’t other characters’ safety important too?
  • How did Bella get pregnant with no blood from Edward?
  • Why was Charlie okay with his daughter getting married right after graduating from high school?
  • Renemese aged really quickly and that was very creepy. 

While the Twilight saga enjoyed a lot of success, it also received its fair share of criticism. In the series, the relationships between Edward and Bella, as well as the love triangle between Edward and Jacob, are frequently criticized for being unhealthy or abusive. The story continues today, albeit in a slightly different form. The novel Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, told from Edward’s point of view, was published last year.

Besides learning about Edward’s past, this book also contains information about his present. The Twilight movies are available on Netflix, and though they may seem strange, you can spend a great weekend going through them one more time, or checking them out for the first time. You should definitely watch it at least once in your lifetime if you want to glimpse its reminiscing plot. Stay tuned for more updates about the Twilight Saga.

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