Valorant Esport: Everything we should know about it in 2022!!

Valorant Esport

As well as if you’ve been around Twitch lately, you’ve seen a game that broke viewership records and led the charts by a wide margin almost every time: Riot Games’ new tactical team-based shooter, Valorant. Though the game, which has been in closed beta since April 7 has had a massive hype train since which was the first Project first and is well on its way to becoming the next big thing in esports.

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter that combines the core gameplay elements of the legendary esports title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the character selection and use of abilities from other titles such as Overwatch and League of Legends. In this blog we will tell you some important facts you should know about the Valorant Esport. So, scroll down to know more!!

Latest updates we should know!!

Riot Games will continue the Valorant Champions Tour and tournament-based model, revealing the initial Valorant Esports structure and sponsorship in 2021, but culminating in new levels of World Championship competition as the league wraps up. 

According to sources, Valorant as its new first-person shooter earlier this year, and rather than immediately start with a franchise league, the esports scene kicked off with tournaments. This will continue into next year, but with a more structured scene that will include regional and global competitions to determine the best pro team in Valorant.

The first two sponsors of the competition will be Red Bull and SecretLabs, two pre-existing League of Legends esports sponsors. The bottom rung of the three-tier pyramid will include the Valorant Challengers series. This will be a regional competition and the way to qualify for the next stage, the Valorant Masters, which will be comparable to LoL’s Mid-Season Invitational, and eventually the higher-tier Valorant Champions, a global competition featuring the best matchmaking teams. 

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Currently, the path to the Valorant World Championship begins with qualifying for the Challengers tournament in 11 world regions.  Though the biggest change in 2023 will be the introduction of the top three leagues EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), NA (North America) and Asia.  They do not replace challengers or game changers, but rather act as an intermediate stage until the Masters.

Different levels of Valorant competition:

Each of these leagues will see a set number of teams compete weekly and across the LAN.  Though the top teams from each region will qualify for the international tournament and compete against each other similar to the current Masters.  Both types of tournaments will award points towards qualification for the World Championships.

How to Valorant team selection happens?

The various teams that participate in these leagues will be selected by Riot Games and will become official partners.  As such, they will also be paid to be able to dedicate themselves exclusively to Valorant and its esports.  We still don’t know how many teams will be able to join this league.

The format is reminiscent of LEC and LCS in League of Legends.  This should allow for more stability in the Valorant scene, as well as more regular matches for viewers and fans, it can also close the loop for teams that lack resources, in favor of larger structures.

The bottom line:

As mentioned above, to help bring the talent to the root, a new competitive game mode will be added directly to Valorant next year, even before Challengers. This will allow teams that are not part of the competitive circuit to compete and earn points. The best teams will be able to compete against teams from the League of Challengers or the new Riot Games and maybe advance to the next level.

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Therefore, it is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the new format and the league. We don’t know further details, and it’s probably too early to define the number of places available or the pace of the competitions on our own.  But it’s time to see what happens, because it won’t happen until 2023. So, if you have any queries regarding it just share with us through a comment below.

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