What Are the Advantages of Doing Mission Work?

mission work

Does your work fulfill you?

Employment research reveals that 46% of Americans feel dissatisfied with their current work experiences. If you fall into this category, then take on a position that carries meaning.

Become a missionary and serve God by spreading his word. Read on to learn the advantages of doing mission work.

Discovering Your Purpose

Many people work a nine to five and feel like lab rats chasing cheese through a maze. This can lead to dissatisfaction at work that bleeds through to your entire life.

Humans thrive when their life takes on meaning. Harvard researchers learned that people with a purpose earn more money, feel happier, remain healthier, and even live longer lives!

Missionary work gives you the purpose of teaching others about God. In the Christian belief, you will save souls through this work by introducing people to Jesus!

Strengthening Your Faith

In even the strongest Christians, faith falters from time to time. Difficult times can make you question the very existence of God.

But, immersing yourself in this work will remind you what faith means and why you believe. One of the greatest mission work benefits is that it keeps belief strong as you teach stories from the Bible and remember all of the great lessons behind them.

Strengthening your faith brings you closer to God. You will feel stronger and more capable always knowing that he is guiding your path.

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Practicing What You Preach

Many Christians recite verses to back up their belief. But some of them speak empty words as their life does not reflect the words they speak.

Missionary agencies send you on journeys that bring all of these preachings into action. You reflect the qualities of Jesus as you sit with the sick, break bread with the poor, and help the lost find their way.

Helping People

You get the opportunity to actually help people who truly need it. Mission work often takes you into the heart of disasters where people need God more than ever.

Not only do you teach people how to save themselves by taking Jesus into their hearts, but you also help them rebuild their Earthly lives. This can look like serving food to famished families in third-world countries or helping people physically build homes for themselves after a storm.

Traveling the World

People often dream of traveling the globe. But this can get expensive, especially when it means taking weeks off of work.

One of the awesome mission work advantages is that your work sends you out into the world. You will actually immerse yourself into the culture as you live beside these people and learn how they live.

Make Mission Work Your Duty

Do not continue to work a job that holds no meaning. Chasing a paycheck takes precious time away from your life and will leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Choose to make mission work your duty. This will give your life purpose as you walk with God and help people all over the world.

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