What happened to the oovoo javer guy | what is he?

What happened to the oovoo javer guy who was popularly known for his reaction to a simple question, ‘I’ve never been to oovoo javer?’ It all started in 2017 when the kid reacted to a meme and expressed his views which grossed the Youtube charts for the entire year. But What happened to the oovoo javer guy if he was that famous? 

This kid got enormously a big hit while he was hanging out with his homies in a mall and was targetted randomly for an 8 seconds interview that made him shine all over the world in less than a minute. People wonder, what happened to the oovoo javer guy and where did he disappear for all these years? Watch his interview that went awfully viral. 

What was the interview about?

Gabriel was asked if he ever drove with a hot Uber driver to which he responded back with a hilarious answer that ‘I’ve never been to oovoo javer.’ Since he counter-questioned the interviewer, the video went viral on this topic, and months later, he was trending on all social media platforms and a delight to above a thousand users. In a lesser time, this vine became the most-watched on the internet.  People still reference the vine in many places but what happened to the oovoo javer guy though?

The oovoo Javer guy’s reaction to his vine

A YouTube video explaining the viral vine was released by Gabriel Cash a year later. The following video features what led up to that viral moment and the influence it had on his life. His friends and he had been stopped to be interviewed, and he was fine with it. He explained the whole interview process in his words elaborating about how he, his brother, and his friends were hanging out at the mall like any other normal day and just going about their own business and a moment later two reporters approached him and started asking random questions at first.

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Capturing that moment as an opportunity to be caught on TV, he looked at his brother with excitement and told him that he was going to be famous. So when that question was asked he was chewing a piece of gum because of which the answer he gave sounded really funny and suddenly became a reason for a thousand faces to smile. But then what happened to the oovoo javer guy? Watch his reaction in the video below.

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Where is the oovoo javer guy now?

What happened to the oovoo javer guy? Well, what you see above is what happened to the oovoo javer guy. Yes, he is no more the same oovoo javer guy but a content creator to entertain adults as his target audience. He dresses up in strange-looking get-ups like in the picture above along with his twin brother ‘Daniel’ with whom he shares a Twitter account as well. They both share their posts under their page, ‘The Cash Twins.’ This is what happened to the oovoo javer guy actually.

In the early days of their YouTube videos, Gabriel and Daniel first posted videos as DANIELANDGABRIEL but later changed their name to THECASHTWINSS because of their popularity. YouTube posts are rare on the duo’s channel though they occasionally make videos together. Much of their content expresses sexuality and breaking gender stereotypes, which both the twins are always ready to showcase through a series of different videos. So that’s what happened with the oovoo javer guy, he is not a guy anymore but a renowned artist.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the oovoo javer guy?

His name is Gabriel Cash and he went popular for responding hilariously in a short interview. You may check out the article above for more information.

Why did the oovoo javer guy become popular?

Because he gave an appealing answer to the audience that topped the charts. 

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