NewsWhat is err_cache_miss?

What is err_cache_miss?


Err_cache_miss in Android is a recurring error faced by the majority of the users. A majority of users face this error in various circumstances. The most well-known situation for this error is when you make another android application to show a Webview of your web application.

In the event of introducing the application on your cell phone and attempting to run it, err_cache_miss shows up on the Android Webview with a message: “Web page not available,” and the sub error message is loadUrl() net:: err_cache_miss.

There are multiple situations when an Err_Cache_Miss could occur. Firstly, you will have to identify the solution. After recognizing the solution, we can fix it.

How to solve err_cache_miss in android?

Before heading to the solution, some points must be ensured whether they work fine or not. Usually, these points are overlooked and could make fixing the err_cache_miss an exhausting task.

Here is the list of these points:

  • Android system must be fully updated
  • You should have a working internet connection
  • Internet permission in android Studio
  • Code must be right to fix err_cache_miss Android

Android system must be fully updated

It is the basic reason for err_cache_miss happening in the android. Assuming your android studio isn’t completely refreshed or has a few bugs, perhaps more often than not, you can confront this mistake. Along these lines, before applying the profound strategies, you should refresh your android studio. It will be advantageous to fix it.

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You should have a working internet connection

Android Webview shows the message “Web page not accessible.” It can occur because of awful web availability. You should ensure that your Internet is working effectively. To request to check web availability, you can check other internet providers that have turned out great or not? On the off chance that other web access works it implies awesome, there is no issue with a web association. 

In the event of checking the above things, the possibility is that you will dispose of this issue. Sometimes, this mistake requires some principle techniques to fix it.

Internet permission in android Studio

Without adding this authorization, your application can’t get to the Internet. Along these lines, you need to add web permission in AndroidManifest.xml in android studio.

Follow these instructions to add permission:

  • Open the application. 
  • Go to src, at that point click on main. 
  • In the main segment, you will discover AndroidManifest.xml. 
  • Presently you need to glue this code in AndroidManifest.xml.

Add this code, and then you can reopen the app to check whether err_cache_miss still occurs or not? It is the most effective method to fix err_cache_miss.

Code must be right to fix err_cache_miss Android

At this point, you need to be careful when putting the code. The slightest change will keep you away from fixing the error. Here is one illustration to help you witness a minor change in the code that doesn’t help fix the problem.

Did you find any difference? We did. Keep uppercase and lowercase letters in consideration too. 

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In this article, we have tried to fix err_cache_miss in android or emulator. We examined the explanations behind this blunder. We additionally educated the diverse step-by-step strategies to tackle this issue. These were some best techniques to fix the predefined err_cache_miss. I hope this post helps a ton.


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