What is the Best Smartphone Brand? A list of top 10 best smartphone brand -Updated 2021

We have curated a list of the best smartphone brand through a series of parameters like sales, profit, and annual shipments. Mobile phones have become a necessity and so does innovation and expectations from manufacturers.

Best smartphone brands have revolutionized mobile usage along with dynamically altering consumer preferences. Smartphone brands have experienced a decline in sales as of 2018-2020 due to market saturation and other reasons too.

There has been an overall 10% decline in sales and a total of 1.3 billion shipments were made. 

Having said that, Samsung has overthrown Apple, once the market leader, to become the best smartphone brand. The top smartphone brands include Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Huawei, Realme, and Lenovo.

These top smartphone brands have a number of offerings available which enable consumers with the choice to select their best phone according to their demands.

Here is a list of the top 10 best smartphone brands.

  1. Samsung

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean Company and a subsidiary of Samsung Group.

Samsung is hands-down the best smartphone brand with a total of 76 million shipments globally, in the first quarter of 2021 only. Samsung has captured a 22% share in the smartphone market, thus making it the best smartphone brand.

Samsung is the market pioneer in the smartphone industry as it constantly endeavors to improve product capacities through its broad R&D. Samsung has expanded its contributions for the mid and lower-valued smartphones to top-of-the-line cell phones in the rich fragment. Samsung has also joined forces with Audio master organizations, for example, AKG and Dolby to give clients a top-notch sound insight. Samsung has dispatched its leader of the year with Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung had a portion of the overall industry of around 20%, making it one of the best smartphone brands worldwide. Samsung is first in the rundown of the best smartphone brand.

Units Shipped Approx. 261 Million
Profit Approx. $22,840 million
Sales $188,980 million
  1. Apple

Apple has maintained its top position in the best smartphone brand. Apple is an in-class smartphone, known for its impeccable interface, smooth performance, and value for money. Over the years it has become an inspirational brand for people worldwide.

Apple is the only brand that has been fortunate enough to maintain its brand value over the years. The question here arises how? Apple always incorporates rapid technology advancements and evolving design approaches.

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Many competitors to date have tried to imitate Apple’s design and features and even have tried a price reduction strategy to hype up sales, but to no avail. Apple is known for its high-end specifications and the classy iPhone; Apple’s signature product.

Apple launched its first phone in 2007, and the most recent models are iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. By far the best smartphone brand with a ravishing interface that no one in the market could compete to date.

Units Shipped Approx. 190 Million
Profit Approx. $48,351 million
Sales Approx. $229,234 million
  1.  Huawei

Huawei was founded in 1987 and is the biggest cell phone producer on the planet situated in China. At the beginning of the year 2018 around March, Huawei dispatched an exceptionally complex and incredible smartphone; the Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate RS cell phone including an inventive in-screen finger impression sensor and double unique finger impression plan, AI processor, and triple camera with top-notch picture catch. In March 2018, Huawei disclosed the eagerly awaited cell phone models, for example, HUAWEI P20 and HUAWEI P20 Pro which has the world’s first Leica triple camera. All advancements and R&D have empowered Huawei to build up itself as the best smartphone brand. HUAWEI has set the assumptions high for cell phone photography through which anybody can catch proficient quality pictures. Notwithstanding issues internationally with the organization particularly in America, Huawei is third in the rundown of best smartphone brand.

Units Shipped Approx. 200 Million
Profit Approx. $10,000 million
Sales Approx. $122,000 million
  1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun and launched its first smartphone in 2011. Xiaomi’s flagship smartphones are Redmi and MI series making their way to popularity. Xiaomi has had the option to make brand esteem inferable from its attention on ceaseless advancement in innovation.

It additionally has had the option to acquire a huge piece of the pie because of its broad promoting and advertising techniques particularly in India and China to support its deals of cell phones. With consistent growth, Xiaomi has secured the fourth position in the rundown of best smartphone brands.

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Units Shipped Approx. 119 Million
Profit Approx. $1000 million
Sales Approx. $17,000 million
  1. Oppo

Oppo is a china based smartphone brand owned by BBK Electronics. Oppo has delivered a wide scope of cell phones going from the low fragment to focusing on the wealthy client sections. The absolute most unmistakable smartphone marks by Oppo are Find 5, Find 7, N1, N3, and so on. Oppo’s A77 model was dispatched in 2017. Oppo has figured out how to make a solid brand presence. Although it is a late participant in the smartphone market, it has made a prominent status in the market. In any case, forceful advertising and digital marketing services alongside great product quality have empowered Oppo to be among the best smartphone brand universally.

Units Shipped Approx. 110 Million
Profit Approx. $1400 million
Sales Approx. $60,000 million
  1. Vivo

Vivo is another china based smartphone brand owned by BBK Electronics. Vivo started back in 2009 and has been one of the market leaders in respect of technological advancement. Vivo has recently established Funtouch, an android based software system. A portion of the premium cell phones of Vivo is X arrangement, V arrangement as the center valued telephones, and the Y arrangement as the low-end cell phones. Top-notch celebrity endorsements, huge sponsorships have pushed the brand existence of Vivo to new heights. Vivo as of late dispatched a V9 versatile arrangement that is like Apple’s iPhone X. Vivo is the main Android organization to dispatch cell phones that includes an indented display like Apple’s iPhone X that has a full view display with a score on top. Vivo is sixth in the rundown of the best smartphone brand.

Units Shipped Approx. 105 Million
Profit Approx. $1125 million
Sales Approx. $46,400 million
  1. LG

LG is a South Korean Electronics Company that was founded in 1958. LG’s top-notch versatile brands typify the G-Series, the K-Series, LG Tribute, the LG G Flex, and the LG Nexus. LG sells almost sixty million units per year, making it quite possibly the most famous and high volume-driven versatile organization on the planet. These cell phones have progressed camera highlights, for example, rapid auto concentration and commotion decrease for better low-light photography. K-Series versatile reach keeps on conveying outstanding smartphones to clients at remarkable costs. LG V30 model has been LG’s most progressive smartphone to date. LG additionally dispatched its imaginative reach with LG Wing and others in the arrangement. LG has not had the option to do just as its different rivals in the apparatus market for example Samsung. LG is seventh in the rundown of the best smartphone brand.

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Units Shipped Approx. 55Million
Profit Approx. $110 million
Sales Approx. $46,800 million
  1. Google Pixel

Google Pixel was launched in February 2013 and is founded by Google LLC. The absolute unmarked products By Google are Google Pixel 5(5G). Google Pixel 4A(5G), Google Pixel 4 XL, Google Pixel 4. The Google Pixel has made it to the best smartphone brand with an edge of high-end specifications you get from this brand. If you ever get bored of android and wish to enjoy Apple’s features, Google Pixel is the way to go.

Units Shipped Approx. 6 Million
Profit Approx. $56 million
Sales Approx. $6 billion
  1. Lenovo

Lenovo was established in the capital of China in 1984 and it entered the portable business in 2012. Lenovo has an overall presence in around 160 nations. A portion of the mainstream cell phones of Lenovo is P Series, K Series, Zuk Series, A-Series, and VIBE. Lenovo will dispatch a Tango handset that can be adjusted to video projectors or speakers. For engineers, Lenovo delivered a cellphone-based program that can join handsets with administrations facilitated in the web cloud. Lenovo India sells its mobiles and extras generally through streak deals in India. Lenovo’s Tango models have sensors that can follow movements and measure the shapes of rooms; likewise, they can plan inside of the structures. Lenovo has raised the rivalry among its companions by utilizing increased reality and progressing development. Lenovo is ninth in the rundown of best smartphone brand.

Units Shipped Approx. 40 Million
Profit Approx. $535 million
Sales Approx. $60,000 million
  1. Realme

Realme is another china based brand owned by BBK Electronics. The CEO of Realme is an Indian because China has targeted Indian Consumers first with this brand at a low price. Vivo and OPPO are siblings of the Realme brand as they are owned by BBK E electronics. Realme is becoming extremely popular in Asian countries. Realme aims to target worldwide with its improved ultra-featured technology. Realme is on the tenth in the rundown of the best smartphone brand.

Units Shipped Approx. 35 Million
Profit Approx. $300million
Sales Approx. $20000 million


Samsung remains the best smartphone brand—in any event for the time being—catching practically 19% of the worldwide market in 2021. That is about a similar segment of the piece of the pie it kept down in 2019. However, while Samsung’s piece of the pie remains moderately flawless, deals dropped by practically 15% in 2020. That is a marginally greater plunge than the general market, which encountered a 12.5% decrease in deals a year ago. We hope you gathered enough knowledge from this rundown of the best smartphone brand as much as we did. 

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