What is the most expensive laptop?

The most expensive laptop is MJ’S SWAROVSKI AND DIAMOND STUDDED. Why? We reveal this later in the article. Hang in there! Luxury is a choice for those propitious enough to afford it. In times of extreme inflation, there are still tech geeks who have an inclination towards the most expensive laptops. There is no surprise to it; they can afford it, so they own it. Simple, right?

Passionate Tech geeks are always on a mission to hunt the most expensive laptop available. It is about satisfying two things: First, the hunger to have a high-end specs machine with smooth performance. Second, the hunger to set yourself apart from the crowd. Justified enough!

A million-dollar machine doesn’t exhibit special performance than any basic machine available in the market. It is all about entitlement. In this article, we will list some of the most expensive laptops. 

Get ready for a roller coaster ride ultimately to the reveal of the most expensive laptop.

What is the most expensive laptop in the world?

The most expensive laptop is MJ’S SWAROVSKI AND DIAMOND STUDDED.

Top 5 Most Expensive Laptops:


1. MJ’S SWAROVSKI AND DIAMOND STUDDED NOTEBOOK-Price: $3.5 million                                  

The most expensive laptop is no doubt MJ’s Swarovski and diamond Studded Notebook, worth $3.5 million.

Let’s get into its specifications.

  • Specialty: The surface of the laptop is curated with hundreds of white and black diamonds.
  • Warranty: 10 Years Warranty
  • Customer rating – 80% positive response.
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Is there anything extraordinary that has made this laptop the most expensive laptop? Well to your surprise and ours too, there’s nothing unusual to its specifications or performance. If you are a fancy person willing to spend anything on luxury, this product is for you.

2. LUVAGLIO-Price: $1 million

Before the arrival of MJ’s Swarovski and diamond Studded Notebook, LUVAGLIO was the most expensive laptop. Currently, it is the second most expensive laptop. No, it does not come with fancy embellishments. Although it comes with a rare diamond on its home button. What do I get at this price? Well, you get a fully customizable laptop. You have an option to add whatever feature you wish to add, and the cost will be the same.

Let’s get into its specifications.

  • Memory: 128 GB
  • Specialty: Diamonds on the home button, the surface can be customized with woods. Fingerprint Recognition available.
  • Other: 17 inches LED Screen, a Blue-Ray Player, and USB Connectivity

Do you have enough money to get hands-on with this machine and are willing to buy it? Well, you will need an invitation from the brand’s director to do the favor. If you do so, you will be a proud owner of the most expensive laptop Fun Fact: Nobody has bought this laptop yet! Maybe it is going to be you.

3. LULIP E-GO DIAMOND- Price: $355,000

Securing a third-ranking as the most expensive laptop is LULIP E-GO DIAMOND worth $355,000.

Let’s get into its specifications.

  • Memory: 160 GB
  • Specialty: It is made from solid palladium, white gold, and surfaced with brilliant-cut diamonds. 
  • Other: It comes with an AMD Turion 64-Bit Processor, 2GB of RAM, DVD burners, and a 12.1-inch widescreen WXGA resolution display.
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It has a backup system that comes in handy when the windows system is not functioning properly. Well, this laptop is unique in its own way. It looks more like a fashion accessory than just a laptop. Are you willing to pay a whopping $355,000 million for a fashion accessorized most expensive laptop? Kid, you not!

4. MACBOOK AIR SUPREME- Price: $50,000

The MacBook is an expensive brand and is out of range for most people. And even more expensive when customized to customers’ demands. 

Let’s get into its specifications.

  • Specialty: The surface is encrusted with platinum. machine aluminum case, thin light structure, and intel core i5
  • Other: This item is a limited edition and only 5 items to be made.

This laptop is an exceptional product for those who love to play with expensive gadgets in their hands. It is an elegant piece of tech but stands at the fourth number as the most expensive laptop.

5. MACBOOK PRO 24 KARAT GOLD – Price: $30,000

MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold makes it to the last number as the most expensive laptop. This laptop comes with a warranty on everything even in its gold finish.

  • Memory: 4GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8600m GT
  • Specialty: The surface is encrusted with pure gold, Diamonds Apple logo on the top  
  • Speed: 2.4 GHz
  • Other: intel core 2 duo processor, 15-inch display

Yes, a splashing $30,000 for a MacBook. The interesting fact is that this laptop was manufactured for an anonymous customer. The apple logo is made with multi-colored sparkling diamonds. The entire surface of the laptop is made with 24 Karat Gold, and the rest of the metals are painted to match the same.

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Well just being honest here, I am a MacBook freak. Having said that, if I had a pocket to empty on buying a MacBook worth $30,000 then you can bet, I would buy it without a second thought.

Most Expensive Laptop: Final Word

The most expensive laptop to date is MJ’S SWAROVSKI AND DIAMOND STUDDED NOTEBOOK. For a non-tech person or a person who values performance over luxury, this list of the most expensive laptop may be a waste. 

Anyhow these were the top 5 most expensive laptops, and all of them are limited editions. Some of these laptops might not be available in the market right now, but you can order one for yourself. You could be owning the most expensive laptop one day!

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