Where Do Celebrities Stay In London? Here’s The Scoop

Whether you love them or hate them, we all love having a nosy into the lives of those in the public eye, but have you ever wondered… where do celebrities stay in London? 

Accompanied by private chauffeurs in London and usually an entourage of cameras, a luxury hotel in London may be the only moment alone that these celebs get. They must be secure and private for safety yet luxurious to match the guests that stay in them.

But what are these locations? What are the top luxury hotels your favourite stars stay in when they come to London? Today, I’ve got the inside scoop, so let’s dive in to to the celebrity hotels in London and see who has stayed where.

1.The Rosewood London

Kicking off our list of celebrity hotels in London, we’ve got the place where Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey and Diana Vickers stayed at when they came to the United Kingdom. 

This grand building is situated in High Holborn, featuring seven floors of pure luxury. The rooms come equipped with king-sized beds, 52inch TVs and intricate marble decor.

But most importantly, Rosewood London boasts the most captivating views of London. The skyline in all its glory, complete with the electric atmosphere of England’s capital. It doesn’t take a genius to see why the celebs want to stay in this, one of the top luxury hotels in London.

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2.The Savoy

The Savoy has a rich history of being a temporary home to the stars and a top luxury hotel. Amongst these are some of the most legendary names in showbiz such as the iconic Marylin Monroe, Bob Dylan and even Frank Sinatra. 

The hotel is located in the heart of London, Covent Garden. Dating from the 1880s, The Savoy showcases Edwardian and Art Deco decor, with some of the finest restaurants available.

It’s no wonder why celebrities chose to stay here when they come to London.

3.The Ritz

When you think of luxury in London, nay the globe, you think of The Ritz. Its renowned reputation for glamour is supported by the roster of celebrities who have stayed here. These include icons such as Charlie Chaplin, former prime minister Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemmingway.

Situated in Piccadilly, the hotel is dubbed ‘London’s most iconic hotel’, with its widely popular afternoon tea and luxuriant decor. 

In recent times, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Emma Watson have been stepping out of The Ritz, maintaining its status as one of the top luxury hotels.

4.Baglioni Hotel

As reflected by its name, the Baglioni Hotel aspires to mimic the Italian Experience, only in London. Will Smith, Al Pacino and Hallie Berry have all been purported to have stayed in this luxury establishment which is complete with 67 rooms.

The Baglioni Hotel stuns its guests with breathtaking views of Hyde park and Kensington allowing the stars to soak up London’s beautifully rich culture. 

5.The Langham Hotel 

Regent Street is home to the affluent Langham Hotel. This haven has been a second home to many stars over the years, including Princess Diana, Lady GaGa and again former prime minister Winston Churchill. 

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Not only does this lavish hotel contain the ‘world’s best bar’, but also 380 luxury rooms complete with spas and saunas. 

After all, what’s better than being in the heart of the West End?

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