Where does This is why I’m broke originated from?

This is why I’m broke is a phrase or locution, and internet meme used to mourn finances, especially a silly complaint about impulsive online purchases. The term “this is why I’m broke” has been used colloquially to mean “without money” since the 17th century, there is no doubt that since then it has been undoubtedly used in spoken language and writing, the expression appears as a meme in the late 1990s and early 2000s in online forums, where a sense of humor is used.

This is why I’m broke remained popular in the 2000s. The rise of shopping Online made it easier for consumers to buy more – and always new and niche products -, often as compulsive online purchases. Tracking ad spread makes it easy for sellers to seduce customers to buy more. In 2009, many tweeters started the trend of tagging expense descriptions, especially when they got involved in shopping or complaining about daily expenses which are considered too high, which is why I’m broke. In many instances, people post the sentence with a link or photo that they spent their money on, which is an indication of the growth of image-based social media that can help the phrase fetch more popularity out of it.

This Is Why I’m Broke – Website Domain

Well by 2011, this is why I’m broke had become a sufficiently familiar phrase on the internet that Adam Freeman launched the popular “This Is Why I’m Broke” website, which sells a wide variety of interesting or quirky gifts and gadgets. Sellers can also submit their products to the Offer and Sales page.

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Some most common usage of This is why I’m Broke phrase

This is why I’m going bankrupt. It is often used to write on a photo or description of an expensive product or a new signature with a good sense of humor (for example designer sneakers or adult onesies shaped like a shark). It is used to express, often in the form of humble pride, feelings of remorse on the part of a buyer after an unnecessary concoction such as an impulse purchase.

Now and then, and in a superficial reference to the phrase, the term is used to describe examples of dishonest practices by financial institutions. For example, a Twitter user complained “This is why I’m broke” after discovering a dishonest service fee at his bank.

Here are some of ‘this is why I’m broke’ a meme that could make your day.

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