Which Metal Fencing Option Will Meet Your Requirements?

Which Metal Fencing Option Will Meet Your Requirements?

Metal is a durable and long-lasting material. Thus, it is a favourable material for fences and other structures. You will find different types of metal fencing that successfully integrate with the nearby environment while maintaining a high level of security. For securing properties, you will find a selection of mesh security fencing, metal railings, and vertical bar fencing. 

Metal fences

You can say they are broad categories because there are various designs and types under each one. Generally, vertical bar fencing looks smart and strong. However, the gaps in between allow small animals to pass through. On the other hand, mesh security fencing is lighter. It is easy to install, cheaper and has climb resistance.

It isn’t easy to decide which metal fencing to install on your property, but you can always get expert assessment and advice from Fencing Contractors Nottingham. If you are a local, you can avail of their in-depth knowledge of the area and the types of metal fencing that will be most favourable for your property. The experience of their employees will help you make the right choice, depending on the security requirements of your commercial property, considering the variables, such as location, type of establishment, planning permissions, and the surrounding environment.

Metal fencing choices

Securing commercial properties in high-risk areas and densely populated locations is vital. In such places, metal fencing is the better option, with the robustness of its construction. Likewise, the material is stronger and lasts longer. Further, bespoke metal fencing can provide an enhanced aesthetic look to make the property more appealing. Here are your choices:

Vertical bar fencing

If you are looking for metal fencing that provides adequate perimeter security while protecting wildlife simultaneously, vertical bar fencing is an excellent choice. Vertical bar fencing has a pale-through-rail construction in various options and styles. Its connectors are tamper-proof. If wildlife is known to wander in your commercial property’s surrounding area, the vertical bar fencing has pale spacing that follows the anti-trap ordinance. 

Metal railings

In some locations, commercial property owners must conform to the planning restrictions. For example, some places want to maintain the metal railing heritage. Thus, the owner can only install fences of specific height and particular designs. You can find a fencing contractor that creates bespoke metal railings to conform to the various site conditions while offering easy access, setting boundaries, and adding a decorative feature to your premises. Moreover, the metal railings of today are stronger and longer lasting because of the availability of better materials.

Welded mesh fencing

Welded mesh panels are a popular choice for most security fencing applications. They offer visibility and flexibility, particularly for the school playing field and other sports areas. The welded mesh panels are more climb resistant and more cost-effective when securing large premises. The panels create an invisible screen without sacrificing strength, protection, and visibility.

There are several other metal fencing options available. Look for an experienced metal fencing contractor like RTC Fencing to know which type will provide the highest security and privacy and still conform to your community’s planning guidelines