Why European brides are so popular among western seekers of love

Why European brides are so popular among western seekers of love

European brides: your complete guide 

Women on Earth are wonderful and fascinating. They are so different and so similar at the same time no matter in what part of the world they live in. Naturally, ladies in America and Europe are different from each other. Both America and Europe are large parts of the globe and you can hardly judge all females there in the same way.

When talking about European brides, western guys most likely mean ladies from Eastern Europe and mainly, from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. These Slavic European beauties have been the most sought-after women for many years now. What is so special about them though? Let’s see whether you really need to pursue one of the European ladies and what can happen out of it. 

Why are European brides so popular?

The answer is obvious. The grass is always greener on the other side. We always look for reasons why our local single girls are not as good as those in other parts of the world. However, European women, definitely, are one of the most desired ones and there are several reasons for that.

Beauty The beauty of women in Eastern Europe is legendary. Their skin is quite pale and they wear long hair most often. Of course, it is not so outstanding and you will find plenty of stunning ladies in America, Latin America, Western Europe, and many other countries. However, the reason is rather in how feminine they are. 
Femininity This is what distinguishes beauties in Eastern Europe from those in the Western part. Ladies in Belarus, Ukraine, or Russia always look very feminine. They do not even have to wear mini skirts, dresses, or high heels for that. They are feminine even when wearing pants and sneakers and throwing the garbage away. Their hair, lips, nails, face, arms, and everything else are always in order. These girls know how to take care of themselves well. This is one of those parts of the globe where females still look very feminine. As you know, femininity is highly appreciated by men in all parts of the world. 
Family values Family values are a distinguishing feature of brides in Eastern Europe. Western ladies are already not so eager to create a family and become mothers. In Eastern Europe, that tendency is also spreading already. In general, their views are still very traditional. 
Responsible motherhood Women in Eastern Europe are always very good mothers. They do not hire babysitters and always take very good care of their kids. They will walk a lot with them, attend different places, cook the best food, educate them, etc. If you want your children to be raised in love and care, then a European bride is perfect for this role. 
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How to date European brides

Of course, Western European ladies are not very different from those in America. You will not learn anything new about dating them. Just act as you act in your country. With brides from Eastern Europe, the situation is quite different. Their dating culture is almost the opposite of yours. If you don’t want to fail, it is better to be aware of those peculiarities before you even try.

Be a gentleman

European brides from the Eastern part appreciate courtship. Unlike ladies in the USA, they will hardly consider a bunch of flowers your weakness. Vice versa, in their culture, showing up for a date without flowers is considered weak and non-gentleman behavior. If you want to fail your date with a European bride:

  • Be late for your date;
  • Show up without beautiful flowers;
  • Offer to share the bill;
  • Do not pay for her taxi from and back home. 

These are the golden rules of European dating you should remember from now on. This is only what you should do on your first date! Being a gentleman is not limited to flowers, bills, and taxis. You should show your courtship in everything. A lady from Europe wants to be weak next to you. Although they are strong and independent (as many men think), they are looking for a man with whom they could be weak. 

How can you show it on a first date? Offer to take her back home, open the door for her, give your hand to her when she is getting out of a car, offer her a chair, help her take her coat off and put it on, etc. These are very small details that seem to be not a big deal for these ladies. However, if European brides do not see it from your side, you may not count to them again. They will tag you as “not a gentleman” at once. 

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Where to meet European brides

If you are often in Europe for business, you can do it there. Plenty of girls from Ukraine and Belarus are now living in Europe. You can easily approach them if you speak a common language (not all European girls speak English) and if you know how to approach them, actually. Ladies, especially those in a foreign country, are very cautious about foreigners.

Plenty of sex tourists arrive in their countries in search of easy hookups. They do not trust anyone making them compliments and trying to talk to them. European brides want to be sure that a man they are talking to has serious intentions. You can find plenty of them on European brides dating sites. 

European brides join serious dating platforms such as Sofiadate or expensive matchmaking services to be assured of the quality. Even on a dating site, she will “test” you. The rules described above will work on a dating site as well. You should always demonstrate that you are a gentleman. A European bride can easily stop talking to you if she suspects you are not serious, do not get in touch with her often, or talk to too many women. A dating site will be a good way to find a European bride and take her to your country.